What to do? Can anyone help?I've click the "send security code" but it said "there's a problem. Please try again" . It doesnt do anything


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I see this usually for accounts that have already been flagged by IG due to excessive attempts to login or due to prior (suspicious) behavior.

If you have been trying a few times to login, rest the account for a few days and retry.

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I am facing the same thing with the PV request. I think it’s some sort of issue on IG side. Wait a couple of days and then try again.

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But this is my acc…i just create it few days ago for business. i never excessively login my acc…so dont think tht’s the reason.
May i know what you mean by flagged by Instagram?

Does yours works?

No, I am not getting the code on my phone.

Did you use the account in automation? I think you are cought for unusual activity.

If it’s a fresh account the chances are even. Instagram suspects the Account to be created in a way that they deem not trustworthy, hence they are limiting your access to the account.

The login attempts refer to the times you tried to get the code, spamming the request button will just get your account further locked. As @ossi and I suggest, stop fiddling and trying around for a few days and then try again,

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For how many times have you tried sending the security code?

To solve this wait 24h and try again. If not work, next try is change the device, login again and send the code.

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Aww…thank you…

No…but i just selling shoes and blouse.you can search my IG acc *ashaclothing8… i didnt see anything wrong.:pensive:

Even my first try to get the code,it already showed “there was a problem”. Thank you schoko🙂

I think i have tried 5 times…but even on the first request,it already showed "there was a problem":pensive:

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Okay…thank you daniarao🙂

I am still not getting the code. I will try it in 24-48 hours again. I hope they will fix the issue.

I hope so too…

Yes, this looks like an issue on IG’s end itself. So they need to fix it on their end first.

You can try logging in using your FB account. It worked for me the last time after several tries

I didnt connect my IG to muy fb acc…:sob: