What type of mother-child method is the most commonly used on pinterest for marketing

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I haven’t used Mother/Son. Grew my Pinterest from 0 - 275K monthly viewers in a little over a month, just using Tailwind and posting. Nothing fancy just the basics that Pinterest wants.


Do you create contents by yourself? What is your niche? Thanks.

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Do you get any traffic from Pinterest? If yes, how much?

That’s really interesting, I have been hearing on Tailwind so many times, time to start and doing more serious research.

I have personal page (Fitness), I have been growing very fast on Instagram but was thinking to add Pinterest too…

Why tailwind and not jarvee?

That is crazy in one month, could you elaborate on your tactics a bit more?

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@Yi_Zhe Create all my own content. Niche is health and fitness.

@andbogi I actually haven’t made pins that are to drive traffic to my site. I was growing Pinterest as a side project, trying to grow an audience, before I start trying to monetize it. As it is, I get a handful of clicks to my site everyday, just from growth.

@Lannister Because Tailwind is the only Pinterest approved 3rd party app. Everyone is trying to shove a square peg in a round hole with these apps, and this is a round peg for a round hole. No bans, no blocks, good growth, good traffic.

@perttu Working on a post. Nothing really surprising, except what is recommended by Tailwind and Youtube videos. I pin about 30-40 times a day, is about it. Definitely no hacking type things.

Combined posts into one for easier reading.

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I’ve been following the pinterest thread and would highly advise anyone to use Tailwind over Jarvee.
Tailwind is just better in overall repins, scouting, and much more.

I have a huge acct on Pinterest. I’ve been on there since the ‘invite-only’ days. I get about 500k-1m views per month. About 21k subscribers. I also use BOTH Tailwind and Jarvee. They’re separate animals. If you’re trying to build up a following, then Jarvee (although, these days, you don’t need a huge following on Pinterest to be successful). Tailwind is good for analytics & pre-planning content to post, and it IS one of a few programs that is approved by Pinterest (that is a good and bad thing). There is no mother-child method, BUT, there is a method.

I actually have subs to a few more programs (which are approved, too, but they don’t come close, because you can only post to one board at a time), but Tailwind’s whole business model was once built only around Pinterest – so they’re considered ‘experts.’ Personally, I think that while they’re good, I’m not sure the type of ‘deal’ they made with Pinterest, so I consider the intel they provide Pinterest with, may be what keeps them one of the few players on their platform (sometimes they seem kind of 'spy-ish – if that make sense). Jarvee has a lot of perks for Pinterest, and Pinterest can get you WAY more traffic than IG if you plan correctly – because they allow the clicking to the site, affiliate links, etc. So, you need BOTH programs – because you can’t follow, repost pins to specific boards from other ppl’s boards, etc. with Tailwind. Pinterest, like any other platform, however, has joined the ad game (like FB) these days, so they will limit your reach to ‘make’ you purchase an ad. On one of my smaller accounts (and I’ve had that account A LONG time), that was the worse thing I could have done was try advertising. Some ppl praise their advertising, but I would advise against it unless you know what you’re doing. Now, for that account, they assume I am going to pay, so they limit the reach of my pins (which they hadn’t done before).

BASE YOUR METHOD AROUND THIS Keep in mind that Pinterest is like a search engine of its own. So you have to think that way when setting up boards. It’s all about strategy. BTW, get Tailwind’s yearly if you get it, DO NOT get their monthly – that is a waste of money as they only allow 400 pins a month (that’s not enough to continually repin your pins & schedule out – set and forget). I hope this helps as well as the other advice given.


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