What type of pinterest accounts do I need?

Hi guys,

I would like to buy 100 pinterest accounts.

I have 50USA and 50Uk proxies.
Do I have to buy them PVA? Or it is useless?
Do they have to be created with the same ip that I am using with the proxies or it is not a problem?
How much should I pay for those accounts?

What do you recommend?

Thanks in adavnce

I’m almost always for buying accounts, except when we talk about Pinterest accounts. Almost every provider sold me crappy accounts, that either got banned or I had to work on them to make them look real:

So, this would be my suggestion: Create your own Pinterest accounts.

You already have proxies. All you need is a day or two of your time for account creation and you’ll have 100 quality accounts.

Here are tricks that you can use:

- Creating multiple accounts with just one email:

- Using Embedded browser for easy creation through proxy:

Regarding email trick, use 3 accounts per email, just to be on safe side.

Each profile should be populated, create some boards (5-10), pin couple of pins on each board manually.

Sure, it seems like long process, but after you create couple of accounts, you’ll see it’s not that hard. At later stage, you’ll need less than 5 minutes to create one account, create boards and add couple of pins to each of them.

Of course, there’s Pinterest Bords Creator tool in Mass Planner, that could help too :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post links, but theres a company on BHW (not affiliated with them at all) that sells pretty good pinterest accounts. They gave me accounts with a profile picture of a fake woman and a semi decent bio and 1 or 2 boards already made.
I went in and changed the profile picture but other than that they work fine for me.

I can send the site if your interested, just not sure if i can post here

I already have the emails ready for my twitters accounts so…
Thanks guys

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