What's Best Software to Collect Emails

I need to collect large amount of emails on my website. What’s my best options in collecting emails? And that is free? Mailchimp can only collect 12k emails per month but i need more.


What do you mean with “collect”? Congratulations ifs you are able to get 12000 emails a month from your website visitors…

Mailchimp, the free edition, can have a max of 2000 subscribers and you can send a maximum of 12000 emails per month. They say nothing about the maximum number of new addresses you can add each month. Although you will reach the limit soon with the free version.


What’s the difference between subs and emails? Am I allow to collect 12k or 2k emails?

Collect means I want to receive. I don’t want to send. I just want to save and make a list.

I am sorry, but you are making a little bit of a mess here…

You stated; “Mailchimp can only collect 12k emails per month” Which is wrong.

I do not know the word “subs”.

With the free edition of Mailchimp you can have a list of maximum 2000 emailaddresses. And to these 2000 addresses you can send 12000 emails. So that is 6 emails to each emailaddress each month.

If you think that you can collect 12000 emailaddresses each month on your website than you need a much bigger plan. I doubt if you will be able to get that for free.

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Edit : I re-read ur thing. Ur collecting 12k a month ? Holy shit that’s a lot idk . GetResponse told me they don’t have a limit . I collect about 300 a day

I would say best “software” or autoresponder would be GetResponse / Aweber


Mautic is the best open and limitless code with all the functions that the best tools in the market have with more options.

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It sounds good but as a self-hosted solution it may have lower deliverability rates than for example GetResponse or Aweber, isn’t?

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The biggest problem with self-hosted solutions I have is integration with other plug-ins. I have Nuevomailer, which is very nice. But there are for example Wordpress plugins showing a pop-up when a visitor leaves the site. Till now I wasn’t able to integrate these 2 things. Going on a path with self-hosted and less known software gives problems sometimes. Before you make a decision you should first find out what you want to do with it, and see if everything fits together and works together.

I am suspect to speak because to me this is working very well.
The delivery comes to be even longer as long as you make all the settings correctly. The important thing is to use versions that are stable and far from bugs.


I have an email marketing tool that frees all modules to use up to 5000 contacts, but unfortunately it only makes this version available through the affiliate link and I can not put it here. It comes in to be better than aweber and getresponse and has marketing options via sms which is pretty cool. And the integrations work very well.

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What do you think of sendy.co? Cheap sending rates and I guess I would be able to collect unlimited emails

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In my opinion sendy.co was once a good option but today is no longer.
Using mautic integrated with sparkpost we are able to send 100 thousand emails per month without having to pay fees for it.

Note that mautic comes with autoresponder, capture forms, landing pages, sales funnel and many other cool things that I can not remember right now.


I understand that the self hosted verison of Mautic is free. What kind of forms do they have ? Also pop-ups ? Or any way to integrate it with something that offers this ?

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If I am not mistaken it seems like there are already popup forms, but I do not use them.

And yes it does integration with various plugins for capturing leads.

I use thrive leads so this works very well.

Here’s more information on pop-up forms.


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I see, the latest version of Thrive leads has integration for Mautic! :smiley:

2 months ago I paid $ 150 for Nuevomailer. I think I could have spent that money in a better way.


It has been a long time since thrive leads integrate with mautic.
If I have not been mistaken since the middle of last year or something close to it.

This via API, but it is possible to use html form codes in other plugins.

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You don’t connect Mautic to amazon SES? Or do you use host it on your own vps?

Edit: Oh, sparkpost is the service that sends out the emails…


In fact you do not need to use the vps host.

The best thing to do is to use the zohomail as smtp and sparkpost as the email provider along with the maltic who is going to be the email marketing tool.

Remembering that mautic already has integration with sparkpost via api. This way we do not need to use vps space to send emails.


Thanks for sharing this. Sounds interesting but it looks like it could be technically challenging for non technical people like me…
I’ve used aweber but it’s like $50/mo for over 2500 subscribers so I’m looking for an alternative option…
how technically savvy should I be to use Mautic?
It’s great it’s free but I don’t want to end up spending so much time figuring things out…

I am now also busy with Mautic, and it is not the most easy thing to understand. And documentation is not really great. But I did get it to work. I now can collect emails on a Wordpress website with Thrive leads integrated with Mautic and send mailings.

And you can ofcourse use Sparkpost to send your emails. But I use my own vps, and that works great also.

Almost all commercial solutions get very expensive if you have a lot of subscribers. Probably they think that with a lot of subscribers you are able to pay them a lot of money. Sending email shouldn’t be so expensive…