What's Best Way to Get 1000 US Facebook Friends

I have aged (3 to 4 years old) facebook accounts. I want to add 1000 US friends. My plan is to joing fb group in ‘add me’ and ‘dating’ nichie. Do some posting on these groups and send / get friendship requests.
You know fb is very strict. Can you please suggest me how I can keep my account safe and get 1000 friends.

Any other safe way to get friends?

Your suggestions are most appreciated.

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If you want to get high quality and engaged friends you might want to try this.

How I get one account closed…never do this:

  • join a group (mine was from the same city)
  • like all the posts from there
  • get over 100 friends requests per day
  • i was banned after 1-2 weeks

The account was 4-5years old… rip

I am also getting 100+ requests per day in my one of the account. I am thinking going full inactive with this account by manual deactivating account and reactivating it after 2-3 days because my other 3-4 other locked accounts were automatically unlocked( which were locked for various reasons) when I logged in after a month or like that. so I guess being inactive even after locked can help to gain back account!