What's going on with Jarvee since last update?

What’s going on with Jarvee since last update?

When i start it it automatically starts doing allot of actions on all accounts, it just got most of my scrapers Banned… :frowning: What’s going on? Is anyone else experiencing this?


Thought I was the only one. Lots of scrapers died today but luckily I had the “stop all accounts” option checked.

I don’t know what happened either.

Can not do any actions ever since.


I completely shut it off, waiting on support feedback. Damn! :grimacing:

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Yeah guess we’ll need to wait :neutral_face:

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What do you mean? When you turn on jarvee?

It restarted automatically after last update as it normally does when it auto-updates itself. Then (it was running as normal in the background) it was acting very weird and doing all the actions at the same time it was like everything was flooding. IDK how to explain it. I restarted it, and it did the same thing after it came on. Then i closed it again, restarted the PC, started jarvee again, same thing… Turned it off as it burned most of my scrapers (pic 1). I have never seen it behave like this. Here are some screenshots:

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Yeah I notice this with starting and stopping tools at once.

What I do is schedule my updates to be at around 11pm at night when most of my accounts are done for the day. Mainly because I am paranoid about this sort of thing.

Definitely seems like some sort of bug though. @DanielAdmin ?

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Damn and i kept my slaves on low api calls just to avoid them being banned by IG and to slowly build their trust. Snap! Now i gotta go over this allover again. aghhh!! :slight_smile: I-ll completely disable those frikin updates, i barely use the things they update anyway. I-m just using basic stuff for my 70 socials plan. Was planning on increasing to 150 plan but what the … is this :roll_eyes: i-m stressed out right now for loosing my trust-built scrapers, sorry for blowing it up here on you guys :slight_smile:

Guys you will need to write to customer support and send the details about what is happening. I really couldnt see anyone here providing any concrete detail about what the issue is.

Couldn’t tell what happened exactly. Just woke up and had all accounts stopped because scrapers were getting blocks. Thought it was my bad and tested every proxy and added new scrapers.

Now the problem is that I can’t do any actions at all although every account is valid and working. API calls are extremely slow though e.g. when I try to “edit profile”.

Restarted everything, let only run a few accounts - nothing works. In the dashboard it says “Scraping using account xy” over and over without doing an action.

Same for me, any of my 56 slaves can’t seem to be able to do any actions. In my second photo above you can see that all my slaves started at the same time 5:20:44 pm, all of this happened after last update Jarvee did. it restarted and it apparently went on and started doing all the actions it could find all at the same time. It’s like it’s ignoring all the rules and filters and just throwing api requests to IG. :grimacing: No wonder my scrapers got massacred…

Got a response from jarvee support after sending out a short video recording of what is happening, they looked over some of my scrapers and told me I have no profile picture on them blabla, while they’ve been working fine for over a month on very low settings and super high-quality proxies. I run like 40 scrapers for 56 slaves. So yes, some of my scrapers don’t have photos and posts and they blame it on that but the issue here clearly exceeds the scraper situation… :grimacing:

Non of my Slaves did any follows yesterday even though the accounts were showing valid, and on the summary it shows like all the actions are being done instantly (same timestamp). It’s like my life movie flashes before my eyes, that’s the speed at which jarvee is executing all the actions now, which is insane. It’s like I set it to follow 10.000 people per day and it goes flashing doing it. While the settings I had on them before this last auto-update were merely 10 follows/slave/day… :grimacing:

Oh and after all this, the follow row on Tools shows 0/xxx on all my slaves, like it didn’t do any actions that day. Clearly looks like a bug of some sort. Bad thing is I can’t do anything for a day now.

I’m currently at providing support with screnshots of my accounts Settings, while this wasn’t my fault at all I’m gonna try and give them all the screnshots they need. But rest assured I will not be auto-updating my jarvee software next time. Everyting was ok since last JV update…

There is an issue with the follow tool, we will release another update today with the fix.
That being said also contact customer support and send the VPS to check, just to make sure we are fixing the same thing that you have.

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Also noticed that like and unfollow tool are working fine.

Must be follow tool as you said.

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On my side unfollow tool is working perfectly fine as well, however follow tool gives us 10x more action blocks than before the update from April 24.

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Message from Jarvee support team:
Your scrapers are getting delayed quickly because there is an issue with the Follow tool, the scrapers keep trying over and over again but the Follow tool is not following.

Please stop the Follow tool, we will release another update today with the fix.

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RIP 638 scrapers.


Yeah mine have been dying the past week. Its very weird. Also delays. Even before last patch.

900 scrapers delayed on one server atm. Very weird.

The number of scrapers you guys run is fabulous. And here i am braging about my 40 scrapers lol… I’ve stopped all accounts on Jarvee for now. Waiting for the update. :grimacing:

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For good filtering for targeting with following it’s worth it to have a bunch. Also pro scrape jobs :slight_smile: And for instances like this where too many for comfort go down you can have a bunch to fall back on temporarily and lessen your filters for clients so they may not notice as much. But, you just know it’s part of the process and you rebuild.

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