What's the difference between the pinterest bot account and a real account?

I noticed here on the fourm people are talking about pintrest bot accounts.

How do you setup that in mp guys?
I have real accounts I’m useing In MP.
I feel too old lol but I’d appreciate all of your help.
Kind regards

There’s no difference, they are the same kind of accounts, you just use the bot ones to boost your main accounts and generally don’t care if they get disabled/closed as they’re there just to serve the main accounts.

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Well said Johnny. Thank you

Looks like I made confusion with bot accounts and “real” accounts in my thread :smiley:

I call them bot accounts since they’re just created and added to Mass Planner immediately, those “real” accounts are the ones that I take care of since I have a lot group boards on them.


Adnan, I’m happy that I met you. I’m implementing some of the tips you mentioned so wish me luck luck :wink: thanks ALot adnan
You and Johnny are the best.