What's the end goal you have in sight?

I am interested in talking about your long-term end goals that you have set in your lives. I know that pretty much everyone here is to make money (I mean, I doubt anyone is playing the Instagram game for the fun of it - okay, maybe a lost soul or two, but God bless their souls), but my personal belief is that money can serve only as a means to some purpose.

I find it pointless to accumulate any sum of money that is not meant to go somewhere - either helping the people you love, creating a comfortable environment for living for yourself or investing in things that you personally care about. So, with that in mind - I want to know what drives you daily to do what you do and what do you see yourself doing in the years to come, which is not essentially related to money-making.

I will start with myself.

I, personally, have entered into the current “goal phase” in my life roughly 2 years ago, even though it was more of an accumulated experience that led me to it, and not an overnight revelation. I was never the type of person who is interested in money or career success, nor was someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. However, as my enthusiasm for movies grew (I’ve always been a theater and movie buff, and started directing theater plays when I was 16 while still in high school), my financial needs for equipment, location and people stated growing as well.

Now, for many of you who don’t know, but probably suspect, filmmaking is a HELL OF AN EXPENSIVE hobby to have! And as my aesthetical preferences and standards are somewhat unorthodox - I am eager to create mixtures of character-centric movies in the Europen style (Kieślowski, Bergman, Tarkovsky…) and fast-paced, special effects driven movies in the modern style (Edgard Wright, Wes Anderson, Gaspar Noe…), you can just imagine how these costs can ramp up. Knowing that, I was faced with a barrier that had two exits:

  • To fall in the film making machine industry and be heavily influenced by the production houses and censored by the market needs
  • To earn enough money to create independent movies the way I like them to.

So, naturally, I went for the second option. It was time to roll up the sleeves and learn how to make some money. And here I am currently, figuring it out in the Digital Marketing Industry how to make the process of money-making more efficient. I don’t want to do this forever, nor it is the only thing I have in mind (although, to be fair, it is the most time and mind consuming at the time being). I still haven’t figured it out and didn’t reach the goal I have set, but I am fine with that. It is a learning process and I am embracing it. I am ready to dedicate a fair amount of years in my life to master the principles of this “art”, until I am in the position to secure myself a pleasant life and am able to create the movies the way I initially envision them, without any financial restrictions.

So, that was my story in what makes me do what I currently do. What is yours?


Grind -> Bank Hard -> millionaire till 35 -> move to Marbella, Spain with my wifey in a 2 floor mansion with pool and a garden -> become angel investor -> become multimillionaire till 45 -> do all the crazy things on my bucket list

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How close are you to the next step of the plan?

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Dying before taking anyone’s right .

New guitar is a near term goal. A GOOD one

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It is not money…It should be endless happiness…and that can’t achieve through too much money…Whatever money we do earn, we must know the way to use it in right way…People give their best effort to achieve success, so why don’t they put same effort in finding them self as well…

Money is like a wicked heroine, who did not give shit to poor man, but the rich man keep her in his foot.

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I just wanna Roley with a dab of ranch

You wanna work with music professionally or is it just a strong hobby?

Make enough to be even more comfortable and for a nice side income so I can work from home and spend time with the wifey. Travel, have a few kids, vacations and ride off into the sunset before 35.

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Well, it’s work in progress. I am hustling as much as I can and I think in maximum 5 years I will move out!

Do you have any personal ambitions for after your early retirement?

5 years to get out of Instagram, or Digital Marketing in general? What’s there for you after that, any personal important project that is postponed for the period after?

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Yes, poker pro

Wow, quite an unorthodox journey! Wish you luck man, and have fun playing!

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Id probably read a lot, didnt do much of that in school. Then if I find something interesting, learn it and try to do it for fun. Like doing new projects

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To have a decent passive income every month.


Have a general A.I and dominate the world

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Do you think that’s achievable with Instagram only? Or are you working on other projects that you want to have passive income from?

Well, that’s not far from what I academically worked on - I wrote an essay where I was briefly attacking Hayek’s argument of his paper “The use of knowledge in society” (Hayek is one of the most influential economists from the previous century). Basically I believe that the combination of the Internet of Things and A.I. could lead to a new social order which could transform the current dominant hierarchies.

This was a little away from your claim, but fuck it :innocent:

Well I’m also interested in it of course haha. I’m currently doing a bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and simultaneously another Bachelor in Statistics&Data Science

I wasn’t joking with what I said :wink: