What's the end goal you have in sight?


Awesome man, wish you success!


Semi pro. I do some playing out now. You?


Well, I love listening to music, but I’m not a musical soul if that was what you meant. I tried playing the guitar for a year or so, and it is just not hitting. However, I have bunch of friends that are musicians. I usually collaborate with them, finding them vocalists and other things they need and they help me with my filmmaking in return.


Probably interested in moving into ad management. There seem to be daily issues with automation.


To grow my music account and for it to help set off my music career!


My goal is it to make me enough income through this instagram and linked in game, meet high level people in the future and travel around the world, getting laid every time and be passionate about something different then instagram


Hit 1 milli by the end of 2019


Yachts, cars and women. The key to live forever.
I don’t think I could ever retire, too boring.
Men need to build in order to thrive, if you don’t build you’ll die.


If that is your short term plan, what’s your long term? Do you see yourself in marketing in 10-20 years from now?


Yes, probably so - if the field stay successful :slight_smile:


Have you tried other methods of marketing? I have a friend who is a music agent and she is pretty absent from any social media and general digital marketing. She saw her success and success of bands she has worked with by real life networking. Think things like showreels, indie festivals etc. where you will find opportunities to talk with other people in the industry that can broaden your audience


Are you close to that goal and is Instagram your only source contributing to it?


Have to agree that retirement is boring. There are always projects to work on and things to learn.


Good luck man!


1/4 there after 1 year. But that was starting out as the noobest noob without any knowledge


Yes I do that as well! Im a DJ/Producer so I network at lot at shows etc. It also helps that my manager has alot of contacts in the music industry and is currently a tour manager for a big artist!


1/4 in 1 year is a huge progress! If you don’t make it by the end of this year, you will by the end of next, for sure!


Be free and don’t care about money


Finally someone with goals I like :joy:


Own my own island. Jk
Not have to worry!