What's the end goal you have in sight?


My man is a fellow guitar player? What guitar are you going for? Me personally, I just need to many lol … Fender, Gibson, PRS, Taylor etc


first when we started it was all about money, considering I live in a fairly small country (Central Europe) it was crazy to realize 1 year after how many business relationships I have build and how many ballers (successful guys) I had chance to meet and get to know them. Networking, going to events, doing all types of stuff got me and my business partner in a position where we often are in back-stage, VIP lounges with a lot of celebrities/business owners/influential people.

Money is still nice, but how much more can be built on top of that is just list of endless posibilities


I came from humble background. Worked my butt off through college and got a job as software developer for a hedge fund. Worked in the industry for 15 years and finally saved enough money to have enough of a safety net to take a leap of faith to the next phase, making money doing what I love (traveling). Going to start a travel blog and using IG to travel traffic.