What's the fastest way to make $3000 a month on Instagram?

This is a serious question:

I’m not talking about the most scalable way in the long-term, but the fastest to reach an income of 3000 dollars a month.

Like using bots and selling pages, growing for shout outs etc…

Thank you in advance!

There is plenty of info on monetization here, just gotta search for it.
It would also be hard to answer this question without knowing what resources you have available.

The fastest way you get, the longest time you learn!

Sell 10 accounts for $300 seems like the fastest and easiest.


CPA Spam probably.

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Everything works. It’s not about a specific way or method. It’s about how hard and more important how smart you work.

Fastest way…? Put some nice pics and sell your body. Thanks to the LTGB movement almost everybody finds his niche :slight_smile:


put all info here into a pdf,
title it ‘Secrets of the real IG’
on how to gain followers, raise er, stop PV’s/EV’s ,
start you tube channel and promote –
fake a site with bought followers and likes as a demo–

wait a week–
carry all the money in a truck to bank…


The same thought came in my mind

No doubt, this is the fastest way!

Anything related to adult/porn/nudity is always fast… you can find a hot girl who is willing to pose nude and you can sell $25 membership to see her naked/private snaps/cams/videos/etc (however you want to package it)… you only need 150 people to subscribe and you get $3000/month

Just monetize all those horny bastards out there , easy


Give me 500$ and I’ll tell u how I made 10k$ in 30 days !!


*their niche

how dare you assume genders


Uuuuh lost in translation… it is like in Canada. They say “she” for everything that is actually an “it”.

And by the way… I am not a fan of newspeak. There is a brilliant book about showing the consequences. Resist the beginnings…

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Give me $3000 and you don’t even need to ask no more how I made that much money so quickly :joy::rofl::joy:


What @Alexnvo said + You will also need to budget for renting a Ferrari for your YouTube videos as proof that you are earning 6 figures a month.

Good luck!


I’m loving the replies to this amazing topic. The 2 fastest ways that I can think of to reach $3k a month, are spamming with CPA offers or growing accounts and selling them for cheap.

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Gah, well there goes my plan out the window…now everybody knows it.


or also make a PDF titled “How to make $3k a month on Instagram FAST” and promote it on youtube :rofl:

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I believe you mean “peoplekind” :joy: