🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶



Try this one. Gets me calm sleeping or just times when i want to block surround sound everytime




Chillhop is my jam :honey_pot::fire:


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Am I weird or what? I mostly listen to Zen music while working :joy:

Something like that :slight_smile:


One of the latest Deadmau5 albums isn’t too bad for working to, especially like Cat Thruster, which reminds me of SANIC 2 soundtracks.


Speaking of Deadmau5
This livestream is the best for chillin.



focusmusic.fm It is like brain.fm but free


Totally different genre from anything above, but I listen to most music.

Found these guys recently and really digging this song and the hidden meanings behind it. If you like indie stuff, this is a good mix of both early 2000’s indie with some pop styling:


Whoa, such a long thread but no one posted the most obvious song of all time.


Bonus for romanians :


Good music here


Current mood, thanks to Mark Fuckerberg:


Bump for this thread with a viral video


Im tryna get this on my spotify ASAP


Rolling Drum n bass gets me going!

One of my fave mixes from Trex:


This is the 80s video to get you hyped :sunglasses: