🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


I always listen noisli while working for more focus :smile:


I recommend to listen to fingerstyle guitar by james bartholomew.

It’s super relaxing.



I can’t believe that you guys are still posting music here. Well, here’s a classic:


Gave me a good giggle haha Thanks for droppin by @Said :smiley:


Here’s playlist that I’m listening lately:

Don’t judge.



and this one has kind of an indie-pop Gorillaz feeling to it:


Dude, I went to one of there first concerts at a bar in sioux falls, SD (Strfkr) and it was amazing except i got a killer fucking headache from the lightshow they put on (which was crazy good) but in the process I fuckin found 20 bucks in an atm :smiley:
is that stealing? fuck it.

Also their original albums are the best.




Alright, I like this one:


It’s not good music to work to, but this is my current mood. Don’t judge.


Not music, but its my current mood. Watch it.


This is only for pop heads. I was attending a very small event where they hired her to perform. We were lucky enough to be there while she did her sound check. I’ve heard her stuff on the radio and was not impressed. In person it’s really good, and her band is highly talented.

Sitting here doing hashtag research listening to it.


I love the middle of this one :point_down:


This song motivates me while working. I always sing and dance along




Probably my top 3 atm