🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


A bit different from everyone else but I love listening to this

However Ive been told it does the opposite for some abd put them to sleep instead of working!




this shits just right.



Yap I am not gonna let that thread die! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Tuesday and many sales :fire:




Another awesome weekend full of IM work. Also who the fuck names a song HAIRSPRAY HURRICANE :fire:


I listen to electronic music with a fast enough BPM to dictate a nice working pace, but a sound not too aggressive and “calm”. Something like this.


Stay focused guys :canned_food:


It’s nothing I work to, but I still love and would love to see in person.


Most of you know the following song from the Movie “Inception” :musical_note:

It’s a masterpiece, really epic.

And there is a huge difference between listening it with simple earphones or good ones!
I know the song for years, but just found it again and now, I am having again an “earworm” :see_no_evil:
But yeah, this a song that you can hear a 1,000 times. Seems like the more often you hear it, the more you explore its beauty :slightly_smiling_face: The special about that song is that almost every 5-10seconds another instrument is “added” with its own melody. #GiveItAChance :wink: and enjoy :smiley:!



Don’t know why but I find this song beautiful



dat boi n obie trice


Nowadays I’m just putting this on and working on my projects for hours!

This really helps!


Current mood





Not for work, but jammin our to this and others right now.


I just listen to this


help me focus