🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


@Babs I will never let your legendary thread die!!!

(minimal psy trance)

(minimal tripping - scroll 50% into the song if you dont like the beginning)


This is very chill!



When you are two weeks into trial and error with no luck




Pandora - Old School Hip Hop station


Currently listening to some old classics: https://youtu.be/q3JeaBoBU-c?t=18


Currently listening to some groovy, jazzy stuff


I like to listen to Radio Nula. Everyone who digs working with the finest soul / funk / instrumental hip hop tracks in the background should check out this radio station.


Lofi Chill Hop the best :slight_smile:


Some of my favorite songs:



2-3hrs of str8 trance / dance and it’ll keep you focused. I find if i am constantly switching tracks its a waste of productivity.



Techno music and sometimes Lany


Right now i listen a lot to the Kamikaze album from Eminem and anything from Joyner Lucas

For those who don’t know Joyner (Viewer discretion is advised.not for snowflakes)


I bet no one listening this masterpiece :alien:



I love soft music



Audiobooks and recorded lectures for me, and Irish folk music if I really need to concentrate.


Happy holidays.

Sorry if this offends anyone.