🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


rofl one time i had pornhub loaded…iphone xs max and screen was on. Happens a lot. As long as i don’t have any BBW loaded im not too embarrassed.;


not music , but i like to listen to it while working .


Ya’ll can judge me as much as you like but Best of Bach is my jam.

It’s proven that classical music at 60-70 beats per minute, so especially baroque stuff induces a relaxed but alert state, helps you concentrate, retain info and all that good stuff, here you go dudes, future learning is on me:


Avicii - SOS is really on my looping list now.


Jazz Hip-hop
One of my favourite


Does this count?



Lofi House is currently my favorite for working :alien:
When I’m going to work out in the gym I use some much harder techno actually :skull:
But for concentration and focus at work Lofi works perfectly fine :smile:


I just go for the ‘chill hip hop and lofi beats’ stream on YouTube


the search is over. For those who wanted to find it

Maybe you remember this one:


this is why I love the movie Interstellar, another great one:


Usually anything from Two Steps From Hell.
Some EDM as well depending on the mood lol.


minimal house lounge


Great to hear that here are some other electronic music lovers :grin::call_me_hand:


THIS! I think I’ve listened to this exact track for more than a year every day multiple times a day. I hope dude that uploaded it is getting paid for my plays lol


Hardcore Metal of course.


Lofi hip hop sometimes i



I think we can all agree hip-hop is the go-to for working music


Everyone should give classical a try. Gives you peace of mind amidst the stressful circumstances common in internet marketing. Here’s some of my favorites.

Or if I’m feeling energetic, perhaps Beethoven’s 9th