🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


Baby Shark. Nothing more, nothing less. Only Baby Shark.




Just found this channel, they have some chilling music that fit for working!


Ethereal dreams - chill mix.
Very soothing and doesn’t break concentration at all.


As much as I love interstellar ost I just don’t think I could work to this one its just way to epic so I probably would find it hard to concentrate and would start drifting away every few seconds :laughing:

I love “neutral” classical or chillout music when I’m working (relaxing baroque compilations work great for me) , also set to a pretty low volume so it would just stay in the background.

I think ideally music you work to should calm the nerves down but not slow you down or break your concentration either, sometimes its hard to find the right balance :slight_smile: It all depends on personality and tastes though


KIDS SEE GHOSTS! Such a great album by kanye and cudi- it will never get old.


need some music in here :sound:


Lowfi beats or upbeat jazz.

If I need to focus on high level math or physics I like aero space blank noise or tropical rain forest blank noise.


No memes but

so I don’t get distracted on YT


Old school Runescape music is also fucking dope, for all ex-Runescape addicts lol


Got to meet and hung out with Paavo (didn’t get a picture with him) and Tony Above & Beyond this weekend. Super chill guys. Paavo invited me to ABGT350.



This is good stuff. I’m working on a seven lions remix right now. Lofi keeps me chugging along!

Heres a new track by seven lions


It’s actually quite good. Perfect for hacking IG :rofl: