💬 What's your favorite podcast?


I’ve finally got some free time, so I am using the extra time for a bit of education.

I am currently listening to The Social-Engineer Podcast. :speech_balloon:

What are you listening to and what do you recommend?


When I’m working on something more chill, I usually listen to a podcast called Darknet Diaries, but I’m not sure how many people here would enjoy, as it is related to my main job as a pentester. I would love some suggestions as well, to listen while I’m on airplanes.


I don’t really listen to podcasts but Stuff You Should Know has some interesting ones. Also any podcast with Alex Jones on it is funny too.


Exponent by Stratechery - Ben Thompson & his friend James dive DEEP on big tech company strategy.
Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer - deep dives on what’s working w/ FB ads rn.
Under the Instagram Influencer - new podcast on IG marketing. still very new but getting better.


Yeah Wor-San on the education!

Big fan!!

I always get disappointed with the “rah-rah I got some shit to sell let me get you in my funnel” tacts with a lot of those podcasts out there and tend to drop out as soon as I get a whiff or rehash (not actual hash mind you… that I stick around for).

So my fave list is small…

Perpetual Traffic
My fave in this space. Dense and informative (2 top notch peeps in the field). I ALWAYS learn something from one of these. Either an angle, take or way of completely using something I’m super-familiar with in a way I hadn’t considered.


Active Growth Podcast
Shane Melaugh (guy behind Thrive Themes) is one of my faves in this space.

Dude just talks about very interesting, and relevant topics.

Totally a guy I’d have a beer with.

(I used to have a podcast that had nothing to do with online shit. And no I’m not telling anyone about it. Shane’s style was the guy that I would have liked to have had mine eventually develop into. Pleasure to listen to him break shit down.)

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin
Whoo Baby this is the good shit for those long desert drives (listening to the WW1 during outings at the moment).


PS: WTF are you doing with free time?

Must be nice… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I’m sure it’s well deserved… I’m just jealous)


The @Fonzie dropping podcast knowledge! Thanks, I need to brush up on funnels, I’m sure mine are outdated.


For comedy (and insights into it) I listen to Congradulations podcast with Chris D’Elia. He’s a comedian, upfront, developed his own expressions which are pretty hilarious to pick up on his episodes.

For business, email copywriting and overall simplicity in business, I listen to the BenSettle.com podcast. I met the guy 2 years ago at a workshop. Super chill and laid back, evil genius kinda guy.


Am a big fan of Tim Ferris Podcast. He interviews so many extraordinary persons from different fields. Always something to learn from.


Akimbo by Seth Godin is interesting. The general theme is culture and how we can choose to affect it.


I like the daily vee from gary vee, pretty interesting if you don’t know him well yet :slight_smile:
But gets repetitive after some time…


For quick funny podcasts, I listen to the 10 minute podcast with Will Sasso, Chris D’Elia and Bryan Callen. They’re just 10 mins :man_shrugging:

First episode:

Two of my fave episodes:


I like the Dax Shepard Podcast for entertainment.
“How I Built This” is a good one, interviews founders of big companies about how they got started.
I also like Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.


Joe Rogan Experience :slight_smile:


The ground up show! It is a podcast by Matt D’Avella (film maker/minimalist). He invites business owner and talks to them about subjects like minimalism, productivity, clients etc.


Nice! I didn’t know he had a podcast! He has great YouTube videos on minimalism too :blush:


Yeah! He has been doing it for quite a while, he posts highlights of the podcast on his youtube channel


The rewild yourslef podcast with Daniel Vitalis is super interesting.

The premise is that modern humans are actually a domesticated sub-species of our wild ancestors and all the ways we can undo the negative effects that this situation creates for us. Also, the host is one of the best interviewers i have ever heard. It’s incredibly thought provoking and after listening to the basic premise, it’s hard to disagree.


whoa, that sounds super interesting


Just found a new one:

The Everyday Espionage Podcast - " I am hosting an immersive, real-time intelligence training exercise that mimics those used in official HUMINT training. Field intelligence training is usually done only in person, but I am confident that social media is at a point where it can support a full end-to-end real-time exercise and unlimited public participation."


Jim Kwik - Metalearning and memory training