When And If You Should Create A New Topic & How To Choose The Proper Category For It

Let me start this guide with a few questions :

###Do you like this forum? Find it useful? And most importantly would you like to keep it like this?

Than be mindful to the community, it’s quite simple!

Let’s start with a few basic Q&A:

Have you searched for the answer to your question?

Have you searched using more than 1 keyword?

  • NO? Try and do that, different people word their questions differently, so you might not find it at first try.
  • YES? That’s better - if you still can’t find anything you can proceed with creating your topic.

If you have found some answers, have you tried to implement them?

  • NO? Do so first, no need to ask “is this still working”, generally it will take under a few minutes to test something whereas you can wait for hours for an answer - which do you think is better?
  • YES? Great! If you still have questions go ahead and ask them.

Did you test first?

  • NO? Try and do a test if something is unclear, it’s really not that hard and you can figure it a lot faster than waiting for a reply
  • YES? Cool, if you still have something that’s unclear go ahead and ask

Is this a support question?

  • NO? Then feel free to ask the community
  • YES? Email support, this is not a support forum and the community can’t help with bugs and other issues like that.

If you opened a topic did you provide enough information?

  • NO? You’re wasting everyone’s time! Don’t open a thread. “My account got a PV, what should I do? Newb here.” - not really a question anyone can or wants to answer. Also anything along the lines of " instagram like problem, it doesn’t work" is quite useless, no one can guess what you’re thinking!
  • YES? Great, you have a high chance of getting help from our community!

###Here are a few guidelines of creating a new topic that you should consider

  • when creating new topics place them in the right category
  • when creating new topics make sure the title is highly descriptive of your problem/issue/discussion/idea. This will ensure people that know how to help with that issue see it fast and also people that have the same issue in the future find the solution without making another topic.
  • search before creating a new topic, we’ve already discussed about so many things, if something was already discussed post in the topic instead of creating a new one
  • if you like what someone said in a topic use the like function (it’s the red heart symbol underneath each post)
  • if you like what someone said don’t stress them with personal messages, unless someone expressly asked for it don’t do it. Their time is as valuable as yours and having to respond to hundreds of private messages is not fun, it’s a community after all, share it with the community.
  • be nice and polite, no one is paid to post on the forum it’s all done because we all share a common goal in this social media jungle and want to achieve it. So if someone takes it out of their daily time to reply to your post the least you can do is be nice!

Now, the little elephant in the room

###Choosing the right category

A little rant first:

Believe it or not, I spend a lot of time each day moving topics ( and posts for that matter) around the forum, in an effort to keep everything organized so everyone can find all the information as easy as possible.

I understand you’re always thinking of Instagram ( for example) but if you talk about proxies that topic belongs to the “tools of the trade” category not “Instagram” .

I’ve moved topics around from both new and old members of the forum so I thought it’s high time to make a detailed explanation of what belongs where

Rant over :smiley:

The forum has certain main categories and some sub-categories, I’ll take them one by one:

This is pretty much it. If we’ll add more categories to the forum I’ll also update this list. Hope it wasn’t too much to read, feel free to skip most of it, look at the exact category you want to post your topic to and decide if it should go there on not.

Really hoping this will cut out some of the useless work of moving topics around or I might look at removing the ability to create new topics for lvl 0 and lvl 1 users.


Awesome sauce master Yoda :slight_smile:

Now, can I suggest a major alternation? Can you start the post with the major question “when and if you should create a new topic”.

Have you searched for the answer to your question? No. Start there.

Have you searched using more than 1 keyword. No. Do some more digging.

If you have found some answers, have you tried to implement them? No. Star there.

Is this a support question? Yes. Email support.

Are you willing to provide some information? No. Don’t open a thread. “My account got a PV, what should I do? Newb here.” - not really a question anyone can or wants to answer.

I can keep going but I’m sure you get the idea :slight_smile:


good idea :slight_smile: i’ll update this tonight !


I just installed Mass Planner, how do I get more followers? And what is the best proxy? Can I use 12 accounts on it? thx for help :kissing_heart:

And joking aside, thanks for this much needed topic. I’ve done it a few times, probably not thinking properly or misclicking. It can happen to anyone but it’s worth pointing out some needed rules and tips.


@MojoJojo done.

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Maybe a auto-reply whenever a new thread is started. LOL.

Is this a MP related issue?
Is this in the correct subforum?
Is this bla bla bla?

As for me, i’m going to just ignore new threads that are already answered 101 times over and over starting from now. Best way to just let it die and fall off the homepage and latest topics. Figured, when they start to realize how come their thread doesn’t have an answer for 10 hours already, to realize they need to move a few fingers to search for their solution.

Your’re dong a good job there @Johnny trying to keep the forum organized, but i think you should also start to ignore moving threads around because, for example me, created it in the wrong subforum, i’ll quickly realize it is in the wrong place that’s why i’m not getting replies, or that it actually has been answered a gazillion times already.

How do you help someone who can’t help themselves eh?