When client requests get awkward

So I was doing a first month review with a client today. They stated they were ecstatic with the results so far. Their only complaint was a lot of the followers they were getting were black and asked if I could do anything to filter them out.


I managed to pivot the request and moved onto some other topics but it got me thinking

  1. Would it even be possible to even filter out followers based on race. I can’t imagine ever there truly being a need to do something like that for any business but my inquiring mind started to wonder.
  2. What other oddball/crazy requests/feedback have any of you all ever gotten from your clients?

I’ve had this happen more than once before too. It’s not uncommon with clients in the southern US.

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Man, your client sounds like an asshole. You can only filter by names. So you can have a negative filter with common African American names etc. Even IG doesn’t allow that. Why? It’s racist as fuck. I say reset the filters and if they are not happy dump them as clients.


I also do notice this . I honestly think its IG doing it on purpose (u see a lot of users from south africa) so its making u want to “pay” to target users in the U.S .

out of all countries South Africa is very low chance of purchase so i really do my best to ignore these ppl.

My answer would be:

“Well, if you like white that much, you can stay a couple of hours “babysitting” my dogo argentinos in my garden, they re so white. You Idiot.”

Wtf in 2019 forrrea!?!


I been saying that for years the amount of africans and indians that pop up nowhere near what you are targeting. I tired so many filters and can’t stop them from getting followed.

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understand that IG is doing that on purpose and its nothing u can do. Its just like facebook. If u try automating on facebook users from africa show up often.

OP i think thats what ur client really means . its not a racist thing. IG api favoring ppl from nigeria n stuff so they try to get u to spend money on ADs

As I mentioned I completely pivoted the question and redirected them to other things. I’m not planning on changing anything. My initial thought about if it was possible was more a thought experiment than anything else.

If they keep coming back about it I’ll ultimately drop them but I’m hoping it never comes up again.

This client is out of Atlanta. So it kind of threw me off I got that request.

I have actually noticed a ton of Africans shopping around for growth services oddly enough (Nigeria and South America specifically). They want services at incredibly low price points though so I’ve never managed to convert any of them and those regions are lowest on my priority list for sales calls or scrapings.

Racism…racism never changes

I’m geotargeting. So not sure how targeting people posting in Georgia would result in me getting targets in Nigeria. Also if people out of my targeting area were getting spotted I start filtering them out anyways like I’ve done for the pesky Canadians vacationing in Georgia. I spot check most of my client’s followers at least once a week in the first month to ensure filters are on point so most of what she was getting fit her targets with interest & location.


Lol I secretly find these requests/conversations hilarious. I work mainly with models and sometimes they complain about “creepy indian men” writing stuff on their pages and I just laugh, nod along, and cry on the inside because I am Indian as well.


Bruh wtf. This is wild. Outside of geolocation there’s not much you can even do to filter by race. If they’re American, all races are inevitable.

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Just dump this client, its ridiculous. When they are crying about something like that in the beginning I dont want to imagine what headaches they will make you in the future.

Not worth your time, not worth your nerves.


As a thought experience, you might be able to find some white-only sources if you take the political situation of the US into the equation.

Honestly I don’t think I’d be able to deal with that client, if he’s stupid enough to bring that up.

Hoo boy 13 chars

Regarding the feasibility of such filtering, you’ll need a self made scraper with an image recognition algorithm, I’m actually planning on implementing something like this in the future (not for race filtering)

Will make a post about the experiment and its results.

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I doubt Instagram will ever give this information out, since it is discriminatory and would certainly be considered racism.

Big no no to your client.

@Tacos this is the most awkward, racist shit ever. Lol curious since this post was about 2 months ago how it’s turned out?

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Sometimes in get followers from africa and they’re not that welcome in my followers base. They often send me dm for f. up reason, ask for some free shoutout or ask my whatsapp. This thing really don’t have place in my niche. But filtering by race, like come on can he filter his brain please ?

Never had this same case but all of my female clients complain that they are getting a lot of Middle-Eastern followers lol

I have been asked to stay away from gays by a male chiropractor before