When is the best to start repinning?

When the website is acceptable to start repinning?
And what is the best method to start repinning?

  • After 1 article
  • After 5 articles
  • After 10 articles
  • After more than 10 articles

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What is the optimal word count of the article you repin ?

  • Spinned Article
  • 300 words
  • 500 words
  • More than 500 words

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300-500 words so they don’t get bored and hit back button.

Still they have to spend couple of minutes on the site and that should be enough time to read your article and eventually click on ad.

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Great, for the words I’m on the target.
But how much articles ? 10-20-100? You need to start somewhere.

Personally, I don’t consider my sites “live” until I have at least 15 decent articles. Also, when I’m starting a new blog I usually hide the post date. I just want to give the impression that I’m an established entity & not something that just popped up.

I usually don’t consider it live even after 50 articles :smiley: