Where do you guys buys aged instagram account nowadays?

Hello guys! Tell me please, where do you buy aged instagram accounts nowadays? Like 1-4 or more years old without posts , without followers etc. Just empty , aged accounts with an original email of course. Let me know please if you can recommend me something! Thank you!

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^ Also, interested

Since this will be moved to WTB where it belongs:

@HenryCooper and I sell such accounts, 3-7 years old with random number of posts/followers (mostly low amounts) @ 2$ per account. Sadly currently out-of-stock but if you are interested in a long-term partner Iā€™m sure we can figure something out :slight_smile:


@davecraze @Ins I see those kind of accounts, here is my sales thread - šŸ’Ž HQ Aged + Scraping IG accounts | BTC, Paypal | Starting from $0.45 per account

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