Where is the best place to buy real instagram followers in the US... Or should you buy? Need to grow a 20K Business account ASAP

Hey everyone! I have been working for months on growing a business account and have gotten it to 5k but it has been a lot of work. With Instagram changing things up daily, I need to grow the account to 20k real business followers and am considering purchasing – tried a service that was so unprofessional had to get a refund, still waiting on followers and they were saying they would send fake followers – after I paid!!! :flushed: Needlesstosay, I got my money back. So instead of just picking another company from Google, I am asking for recommendations.


Is this for a client or is it for your own personal business account? If it’s for a client, you probably don’t want to be buying followers.


Hi Connor! Thanks for your response. What is the difference? Why not?

If you were paying someone to grow your account, why would you want fake followers? Do you not understand how that even sounds? If you’re not capable of growing the account, then don’t charge people for that service. People don’t want fake followers, they want organic growth. The only time I’d pay for followers is for a fresh account with 0, in order to have a base for f/uf.


Connor you just made my point, even if it is for a customer account, the account would be built up. That’s all. I guess you don’t know where to buy followers, then?

This is going to take work… if your bio is setup, your content, your tags, youre engaging with others, promoting your brand in front of the right audiences… then you’ll grow.

Buying real followers… I dont think that exists. People choose to follow you based on how you present yourself / the brand to give some sort of value…

There’s no real guarantees in getting real followers. Thats why it becomes a game of numbers and which source of users to interact with that will yeild the best ROI in terms of followers for you.

Btw, No. i dont know where to buy “real” followers from.


buying followers is always a bad idea
dont do it
they will ruin your account as they wont engage with the posted content


5k is more than plenty for a base. I buy 200 for very small client accounts, literally accounts with 100, then follow/unfollow 200 a day until I hit 1k, then up the numbers. You have plenty of a base. You’re obviously looking for a short cut.

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why not invest heavily on powerlikes ? there are groups on telegram that will follow back, another source of real boost in real followers but the only way to get to 20 k real is to post , powerlikes for about a month and MP with very good sources.


This is my personal account since I’ve started using Powerlikes and joining 50k+ DM groups. I also post very high quality photography content daily, I was stuck at 10k for several months only posting a few times a week. Mostly dog photos and #vanlife photos. I hit 14,000 followers today. 2 weeks ago I had 10k.

Only thing I struggle with is unfollowing. I did follows for months without unfollowing. I’m sure I’d get better results if people only saw me following 1500 people when they looked at my profile.

And this is the current engagement that I get.

I’m in 2 50k DM groups and 1 smaller DM group, and tweet out links to posts to my 60k+ twitter account.

This was last week. The progress is really great with Powerlikes and DM groups.

This was posted an hour ago. Extremely high quality dog photography, of my two dogs = followers when seen on the explore page. You won’t get anywhere without content. I’m out. I need to go take photos tomorrow.

These results are all with using extremely low quality fuelgram power likes. If I paid 2-3x as much, I’d likely gain twice as many followers.

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Not looking for a shortcut. I have built up a 5k account organically. I wanted to start using account to send traffic to other account to grow. It has taken me 3 months to grow that organically. I have heard about buying followers so I thought I would ask the group.

There is no such thing as ‘real’ followers bought. When you reach 10k you will have just enough clout to grow faster. Via DM/EG groups. Now concentrate on improving engagement via content. NEVER but fake followers, to do so is really account short-term suicide and long-term damage.

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Thank you. I am in a few Telegram groups and I paid for a few shoutouts, even signed up with shoutcart – they did not work for me. I guess it is back to doing my own follow/unfollow per hour. Thanks Alexnvo!

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Shoutouts work. You need 2 things.

  1. Same niche.
  2. high engagement on the account giving it.

I have tried doing Powerlikes and they did not work. I did them on Fuelgram I was told that the content has to be “viral” content. My content is geared toward social media marketing. I am open to doing quality shoutouts and engagement in the right groups.

Thanks, Alexvo. Any recommendations in the Business or Female Entrepreneur Niche. I have paid for a couple that “looked” like they had great engagement and got spam and then nothing. I do have a solid account, thankfully. I am open to recommendations.

I do not know those niches well enough, I don’t know anyone.

@plan PM @Adnan . He has a list of really good automation tools that will trigger organic engagement. I am using one of the tools on the list with great success for some time now. Don’t be scared to PM him :slight_smile: You wont regret.


How you found great engagement groups on telegram?

I search but I don’t found a lot :confused:

Thx :slight_smile:

You can try by DM on IG to the similar category’s to get in on there E/G. But please remember E/G are a lot to of work if you do manually. @plan