Where To Get Cheap Domains

Hey People Of MassPlanner,

Thought I would share my source for very cheap domain names. I personally buy their .bid .site .date .download .faith .loan .party .racing .review .stream .trade .webcam .win.

All of the domains ending in these are Under $2 each.

Their service is great, and they also include free Domain privacy (Which normally costs around $10 on GoDaddy).

[Affiliate Link] OR [Direct Link]
Both go to the same place, one supports me, while the other does not :slight_smile:

Dont forget to checkout How To Use Same Link On Multiple Profiles And Avoid Instagram Detecting It By @Adnan

CHEAP Domains are NOT RECOMMENDED for Instagram. Do your research before using cheap domains for social media. I learned this the hard way!

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Another good source that I use for their .88 cent domains is (aff) namecheap.com Sometimes they have .44 cents domains…


@BrandonBerner @platanon Thank you for the share guys, I get most of my domains from namecheap … This should help a lot of users and save them time to look for cheap domains.

I think it depends what you need these domains for. There’s a blacklist of common spammy domains online and all the cheap ones are definitely on there. This is because most of these tlds have been used mainly for spam.

So this means they will be banned faster if you use them as profile links, they will be ranked low by google and other search engines and may have a number of other problems as well.

So i’d think long and hard if you really want to use them and how you’re going to use them.

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Great advice! I did not know this.

Ill be using .com and other higher ranked domains more often now, but these cheap domains are at least a good starting point for those on a tight budget and cant afford buying dot com or other higher ranked (more expensive domains).

Couldn’t find the link before but here it goes : Top 10 most abused TLDs

To the left of the page there’s also a place where you can check each TLD in particular and see how good or bad it is.

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Hahaha, almost all the cheap domains I have purchased are in that list.

Thanks for the great source. This is an amazing reference.

I would assume…that for SEO…and building a money site…you will not do this…but to have a different domain to put on your Instagram account …bio url it should be fine…that correct me if I wrong…I thought they were good for instagram…(if anybody thinks otherwise…I might be wrong…

Yeah I can tell you from experience …I’ve had sites deindexed by google …that were .xyz…and the same type of sites on .com were untouched…by the the…big googlebot…

Yep. The moment you put up .xyz on fb it will get banned. Didn’t try it with IG. Its been a long time already.

As long as there’s 0.99 domains, FB will ban it. Accounts are fine, just links banned.


Godaddy posts some good deals every now and then.
The last time I checked, .com domains were about $1
It is worth to keep an eye on it.

Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile:

Yes its true, however I will never be a GoDaddy customer again.

Their prices always change. The domains are only $1 for the first domain with a new account. It does not work for existing accounts. So it would defeat the purpose of ordering more than one since the additional domains are full price $10-$15. On top of that, they charge extra for WhoIs Privacy which is another $10/year. All in all you will end up paying $20-$30/domain/year.

This is why I love NameSilo Since they guarentee that their prices will never change, and the also offer free privacy. I am saving 200% (On domains without a discount) compared to GoDaddy, and also I get so many more great features for free with NameSilo.

GoDaddy however has top level support.

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Didn’t know that! Thanks for the clarification @BrandonBerner

@abbecain You are most certainly welcome. Its unfortunate that so many businesses have hidden costs and surprises. Makes it so hard to believe a good deal when you see it.

Your suggestion will still be great for those who only want to take advantage of one year.

You could get the domain from GoDaddy, then transfer the domain at the end of the term to a different domain provider such as the one I provided. They charge only $8 to transfer and you get that extra whois Privacy for free (check Godaddys Terms first since they may limit this feature with this sale). That way you are paying a total of $9 for 2 years with that domain :slight_smile:

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I love Namesilo and have the majority of my domains there. I thought I’d throw another in the ring, https://internetbs.net/

Been using them for a long time now. They have access to a lot of tlds that are off the normal beaten path.

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how about namecheap, nobody using them?

Yeah I use them too. They’re cool with little specials now and then. Speaking of which on their hourly thing.

This is in 10 minutes (8:50 here PST)

Everybody in the pool!!

92% off, nice one :slight_smile: , I really didn’t need any domains, but it seems too good a deal to pass on :smiley:

Tried to buy some domains but their site was slow as hell, couldn’t even log in :slight_smile: Probably too many visits…
Anyway, I would just buy 10s of them and as always, wait till they expire :smiley:

I’m registering a few domains today and I thought I’d throw this up here for anyone looking for a few options. I love me some inexpensive domain-age.

Namesilo - My personal fave

Here’s a coupon code (it’s mine) if you wanna give it a try (may work may not…the codes are finicky). Give it a shot if you like.


Either/or there are some cheap options!


depends what you want to use them for, just take a look at this post

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