Where to go to cross-promote posts?

Hello all,

I’m looking for new ideas to cross-promote posts, mainly Insta and Facebook, somewhere else. For Insta we often go into Facebook groups to post links + description to the original on Instagram. Then we also go to Reddit and share links there. I don’t Twitter a good “sharing” platform anymore. How do you guys approach this?

Thanks for your input.

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You can repurpose the content and create different media formats to share, for example:
Create a video for YouTube
Create a blog post for your website
Create an email for your email list

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What i do for my instagram
Find from pinterest for good looking photo.
Trim video from youtube
and quotes from google and twitter.


I would go to Tumblr, Reddit and Pinterest. There is a lot of quality shared there!

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these are Effective to cross-promote your posts

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i wish you all the best of luck

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@goodtimes @adrianleoh Thank you very much for your input guys. Creating videos is a lot of work, isn’t it?

@cacats @alossra Thanks to both of you. I’m also often on Reddit (although I’m having a really hard time finding the right communities plus its annoying posting timeout). I’ll think about the others.

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Creating videos takes all of 10 minutes if you have the right tool. Check out something like Wave Video:

Them and other similar tools have templates that make it copy and paste.


at starting point, you have to create a free and unique great value for your audience.

write and interesting blog, post, ebook, how to, and then promote via ads with targeted people and facebook pixel on your website.

that’s called funnel marketing

There are many social channels which can be used for marketing but I used to advertise my posts on Reddit, which is a great source to boost traffic. But for using Reddit, I suggest you buying a Reddit account with high karma score from a reliable marketplace; it will enhance your profile value and make you a trusted member.