Where you live in? (Photo Post)


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Amsterdam :grin:


Why those pigeons aren’t high?


Haha look at the eyes! They are baked!! :bird::dash:



Nice to see some Amsterdammers here, where i’m originally from. I miss it. The Germans are soooooo serious.


i’m now in Sin City, where the most beautiful women have something extra between their …


Yeah and @wortime has also a great workingspace.
He is the winner :triumph:.

I’m sure there is no " bulldog coffeeshop ".

+1 for me🙌


We have grass here as well, but not so good. Although I never went to Bulldog Coffee shop in the Red Light district where @MPrules is hanging out :wink:


i feel a Amsterdam meet up coming!


Hahaha​:joy: :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I also have a grass. A lot of it :smiley:


I bet he doesn’t have 3 bulldog coffeeshops :joy:




I love Laguna Beach!

I think we have more grass here than anyone, here just look…


Haha, do you have there a place where you can eat dinner & drink and after ask for an weed/hash menu & order and smoke :raised_hands::raised_hands:

If yes i will visit 1 day​:grimacing::muscle:
I already save money for a world trip for at least 200+ days.


They have all kinds of tours/dinners here:



The best real estate is down below :wink:


Mind = blown :boom:
Not only fresh montain air but now this…
Colorado here we come!


It’s actually super annoying. People smoke weed in public all day long. Around kids etc. There are still laws but people are such weed heads they just ignore it. If I can’t walk down the street with a nice beer in my hand, why do they think they can smoke weed on a kids playground or at lunch?

That being said, I know lots of responsible stoners that do not do that.

Weed tourism is HUGE here.


[quote=“MPrules, post:28, topic:20001”] Yeah and @wortime has also a great workingspace.

That was my old workspace in San Diego, California. It was in my office inside my house. My view was just my tiny backyard, but I could always take a laptop and go work by the pool on slow days, and if :poop: hit the fan I could walk back home and the setup was ready for major incidents.

Current workspace is FAR more humble. A lovesac and an i5 laptop. The old setup is in storage (from traveling and moving). I will post new pics once we get it set back up.