Where you live in? (Photo Post)



@SwagWaffle OH MAN!!! I love Chi Town! Your food scene is nothing short of amazing! 10/10 would go back just for Dinner at Harry Carays steakhouse or Frontera Grill! Don’t even get me started on Alinea…


Anybody heard about :bahrain: Bahrain? :palm_tree:


lol i love it too but tbh i stay locked in my house most of the time i never heard of those places i should go sometime.


Get outside! ALL of Rick Bayless restaurants are killer. He even has one where he roasts, and grinds cocoa beans and makes hot chocolate! Harry Carays is just a good solid steakhouse. Consider me jealous! http://www.rickbayless.com/restaurants/


noted . might go after i get my money up again …wasted thousands at the clubs recently lol never again.


Taking the ladies to a nice dinner has a better ROI than clubbing.




Tell us more!


Here are a few more pics of where I live. Taken last fall when we stopped traveling.


This is near to train station and very affordable. But hopefully I get to move somewhere better.


Nice view! That pool looks awesome!


It’s an old condo…this is from my room. But I have my big windows blocked all the time. It’s a great view for a few days. that’s it.


its the smallest country of the Arabian Gulf (Saudi, Dubai etc…) and second smallest in the world. its one big island. Bahrain and Dubai is where people comes to enjoy, drinks, beaches, clubbing. unlike the others restricted gulf countries (Saudi).


Polluted China, Chengdu where I’m currently based


Southern California was getting to those levels in the 1980’s. They brought down a bunch of laws designed to reduce emissions etc and now we finally have clean air (although some days it’s still pretty smoggy).


:heart_eyes: Serbia :heart_eyes:


Iz Novog Sada najlepseg grada? :stuck_out_tongue:


of course :smile:


That is indeed one beautiful city!


Have you been here? :slight_smile: