Where you live in? (Photo Post)


have been to over 50 countries, now minnesota.

a few months ago I went to greece and had a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam, yep took a cab and went here

made it back in time and bought something off the duty free, do you guys know this brand?

wilhelmina pepermunt ?

Hoping to grow that page too and email them instagram.com/wilhelminapepermunt

i left greece 25 years ago after high school so its refreshing to find a good community now with forums being dead as dead gets, its hard to find quality content among admins and founders and startup guys etc etc


Gentrification needs abbreviations, because it’s not cool if it doesn’t SOUND cool. Except it doesn’t actually sound cool unless you’re under 20.

I’ve been once, really liked the twin cities.


Rzeszów, Poland :slight_smile:


Ah, there’s nothing better than some national stereotypes. Thank you, thank you, thank you :slight_smile:


Grande ! Un saluto da Lodi!
[Great, cheers from Lodi]
Nice topic ! and
I live here, in a little town (40K people living here) name Lodi, close to Milan and other beautiful Italian cities .:slight_smile:


Las Vegas. :+1:

I live in the 'burbs though (it’s more or less desert). Doesn’t matter what picture you take on the Strip at night it always looks like a ‘stock-ish’ photo.


Sin city is one hell of a scary place these days, thanks to the economy. I remember shooting a video at 1am and we got propositioned about 3 times for a whole list of stuff.

I’ve wanted to head out there for the longest time to shoot photos in all the abandoned stuff.


Nice way to spend your 5 hours :ok_hand:
Beside the green peace, did you enjoy your time in Amsterdam?


I used to live in Vegas. I could push my dirtbike down the street and ride as far as I want. Fricking hot man.


Piran, Slovenia. Everyone and anyone is always welcome.


I dont see people from France here on the forum! I am going on a holiday to Ardeche! So anyone there?? :slight_smile:


Looks very nice! Ljubljana is on my list to visit, maybe I should go to Piran as well :slight_smile:


My first time in Amsterdam was in 1989. Hippies in the parks I remember. I went to the bang and olufsen flagship store. That was like the Apple of the 80s for us greeks back then.

Amsterdam yes really nice place. People are great.

I could see myself living there at some point in my life when my kids are all out of the house.

Can you guys get fast fiber connection like a T1 or something for reasonable price?

This mp stuff is new to me. I only have one client.

I have a page with 50k followers one with 5k and a few at 1000.
I like how travel niche grows in a few days with MP.

I am in the process of stalking a deck but i dont have a clear strategy .

Las vegas you guys have in and out burger

Because of my time in tucson vegas was always a nice drive or flight. My friend bruce is a pit boss there. My old roomate works in vegas in the er is a doctor. Too hot right. I would ride a motorcycle and it gets hot even with no helmet.


I would kill for an In-and-out Burger.


Same, I was just crying to some people from Cali about how much I’ve been craving an animal style double-double, for years.


I’m glad you like it! But I wouldn’t mind living in a more quiet place. I’ve been to the mountains of Norway last spring and I must admit, it’s pretty dam nice up there!

Great idea! Good luck and keep us posted :v:


Norway is great, I visited a place called Bergen and we flew with my father above the 7 sisters waterfall.

we can all move there and use the water current to save on electricity bills like google and facebook are doing using the winds in oregon prineville

If my pland pan out I should be back in Amsterdam in a few weeks or months so if you have time, i would love to say hello.

In minnesota we have masive burger joints but not quite like in and out burger, its just what it is.

Over here, i love the indian food and the pho along with the ramen noodle places

7 years ago when I quit my dayjob I drove with my 3kids to alaska and back and my 2 blackberries. Since then I was in manufacturing for about 5 years sleeping in my shop and running 10 things at once, we did some parts for the first tesla model x cars that were made and sold, i am a specialist in small batch prototyping and rapid prototyping where we can make stuff before it gets mass produced.


Home of the Juicy Lucy, probably one of the tastiest burgers in 'Murica :hamburger:


haha i am 41 miles away and never tried it… even parked car inside garage but its tempting, they are open till 12 am


Hi Marie, Piran is a miniature Venice. I am currently living in Piran for a almost year and definitly I spend the rest of my life here. Amazing sunset, fabulous mix of buildings, architecture, museums, galleries and much more with lovely and kind people. Just contact me if you come to visit, can show you everything in the Piran , also I have two rooms that i am do not use in my apartment so you can stay for free couple days.