Where you live in? (Photo Post)


No, but consider it added to my list of places to see!

Bucket list item added.


i smoked it here in india my vendor ships it :smiley:


That makes 2 of us from Novi Sad :slight_smile:


Serbia looks so nice! I want to visit now, never considered it to be a possible destination, but after seeing your pictures i have to reconsider that,



EGYPT :sunglasses:


Budapest, Hungary :slight_smile:


I doubt that anyone know, Cambodia.


If you hurry up maybe you can manage to visit EXIT festival, one of the best music festivals in Europe :smiley:



Is that part technically considered Brooklyn Heights?


You must have problems with your marketing techniques if your are living under a bridge. :joy:


Hungary, Győr :slight_smile:


I live under it, just a regular troll.

Not my photo btw, just some random image. I think from that view it’s probably in DUMBO.


DUMBO = Down Under My Brooklyn Overpass?


I live in Brazil more specifically in São Paulo.


Yeah, it’s the name of a neighborhood, and pretty dumb at that: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Dumbo,+Brooklyn,+NY+11201/

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass


LOL, I was kidding.


Yeah I know, me too. :smiley:


It’s OK, they started naming the areas in Denver in much the same way.

Lodo - Lower Downtown, or as we call it, “Brodo”.
Rino - River North - Kind of like the Meat packing district of Manhattan
Lohi - Lower Highlands
Sobo - South of Broadway, kind of like Brodo, but for trendy hipster kids who roll their own cigarettes