Which are some CPA networks with smartlinks?

I have a website with social media traffic, i can use popunder on this website, what are some CPA networks that have smartlinks for mainstream traffic?

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here you go buddy.
check this forum posts, there is some good stuff here

I have tried adworkmedia already. It didnt work for me i guess. no conversions after 2k popunder hits.
Los Pollos doing great at the moment. I am trying to find an alternative to los pollos

Try imonetizeit.com I have good results with them

Top Geos - Binary Traffic

Country eCPM

Sweden $51.3
Switzerland $50.6
Latvia $44.7
Lithuania $31.8
Spain $26.1
South Africa $25.2
Germany $22.1
Italy $20.9
Poland $20.5
Russia $19.1

Top Geos - Dating Traffic

Country eCPM

New Zealand $92.4
Switzerland $82.8
Norway $80.2
Austria $76.7
Germany $63
Sweden $61.8
Finland $55.6
Australia $51.3
USA $48.2
Denmark $45.4

Top Geos - Mainstream Traffic

Country eCPM

Switzerland $30.3
Australia $21.1
Finland $17.9
Germany $17.2
Japan $16.5
New Zealand $16.4
Belgium $15.8
Slovakia $15
Norway $14.3
Czech Republic $14.2

thank you for the suggestion. will try it

already a user there

hi, you can test affsub2. they don’t promote their smartlink that much but it performs sometimes really better than marketing giants