Which is Better - Buying Followers vs. Grow organic

Hey guys(i believe that im in the right section finally)
I question myself alot and i wanted to know which is actually better:
Buying an IG account with 100k followers "built-in"
Get IG account with 0 followers and grow it to 100k naturally.


  1. I need the 100k followers fast. I just want to have an account with at least 100k followers.
  2. I dont need that the followers willbe targeted or somethimg like that.

Thanks in advance

What’s your end goal?

If you buy a acc with 100K followers there might be fake followers or other things… why he/she should sell his page ?

Maybe it was a acc in " adult niche " and deleted/changed into your interested niche.
But since you want 100k followers FAST you will end up with a shitty acc for sure🙌


Just having enough followers that can convince people that my account is legit(Without looking on engagement)

As i said.
I dont need targeted followers.
And i want 50% real followers… i dont need all of them to be real
I just want to showoff and convince people my service and account is real

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Then I guess you answered your own question :slight_smile:


Fastest way, no engagement, buy fake followers. Avg price 1.5$ per 1k

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Which is? Cause im pretty looking for somw answers from other users :slight_smile:

Does buying followers and especially in this amounts can cause me ban?
How can i protect my account if i buy these kind of amounts :)?

@killerscript Growing organically is always the best method. I am growing several accounts in the hot girls niche to use for other accounts not related to the hot girls niche. Yes I understand that my engagement will be close to zero and I will have ghost followers. But I know that going in to it.

If you grow your account organically you will have real followers and engagement.

If you buy an account with fake followers, they will get banned and you will lose them in chunks, so as your real followers grow, your bot followers will get banned so you will basically stay at the same number of followers for a long time.

Do whats best for you, just know these things going in.


Pretty sure what OP wants is to fake the count and do some BH stuff with it, fake shoutouts, etc etc.


Yes it can lead to a ban. No account just gains 100k followers in a few days especially in big chunks or blocks of 1-10k at a time.

Anything against Instagrams ToS can cause a ban.

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Wow cheap price, where i can find them,haha…

100k of fake followers and zero likes…why would anyone follow you if real ?

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Is it really matters ?

You don’t look legit with a 100K acc with just 100~ likes😅


Nope. It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want, no one is really judging you, but we advice not to do it for the inexperienced to not go down that route.

I’m pretty sure you want to sell fake shoutouts to people right? If you want to convince people otherwise, to buy your thing or to complete cpa, you don’t need 100k, even 1k, and even 0 followers will work.

To use for what? Giving shoutouts?

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That is exactly what fake followers will give you.

Go ahead and buy. Be aware tho , at many providers the followers will disappear over time slowly .

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Buy 100k followers account from me )))))))
According to your question - fake followers = wasted money