Which is better to choose university or course?

I want to start learning SMM. I found SMM courses at Skillcombo, but I think better to go to university.

I think social media marketing is something you should learn by yourself because you don’t need a university to get this knowledge. You should choose something to study which is hard to learn. Also you gain a network with valuable contacts from university so its easier to start at a big company. As a social media manager you usually work as a freelancer or in smaller agencies.

The real secrets come from experience as @Eleoen has said.

You will learn far more from just testing and hiring some tutors that actually do the work you want than going to university and listen to lots of theory.

If you want a stable job in your country, then Uni is great. If you want to risk it and go for the big bucks then do it solo.

I have a 40k student loan from doing psychology and when I finished I realized I had actually learnt nothing to help people. So, I became a personal trainer for 10 years. Then became a marketer from that.

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Often the best learning hubs outside of a university, are by leading companies in the industry. Social Media Marketing learned at a university would fall under the course umbrella of Inbound Marketing, for example. Therefore, check out both the leading Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing companies and their learning hubs for courses.

Use some keywords in Google that are variations of Social Media Marketing, such as Digital Marketing etc and don’t forget the general term ‘Marketing’. In your search results, you will find some awesome :free: credible alternatives to the cost of a university degree. Often, there is a small fee for the course certification with regard to industry providers.

The Hootsuite Certifications resource should be your starting point for industry-recognised Social Media Marketing Courses. The Buffer Library is a super valuable resource too. Sorry, I can’t paste the links here. :thinking:

I suggest the FREE Hubspot Academy, I have their Inbound Marketing certification, it’s online and self-paced as well as highly regarded by the marketing industry. The Hubspot Academy is arguably the best in the marketing industry.

Course completion badges can be added to your portfolio or your website and on social, such as LinkedIn. :facepunch:

Then head over to the social media platforms themselves. For example, Facebook Ads learning is taught very well by Facebook themselves, same with Twitter and their resources. Meaning, absorb all learning available on the actual social platforms themselves. It’s more often the best, they know their platform inside out and it’s FREE.

No amount of study can replace the action/doing side of your learning ie. experience. Try and practice, fail and succeed, that’s the best learning curve.

Hope this helps @MarkusDoron et al. :hugs:

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