Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies


unfortunately I cannot get there, it says I have to be a level 2 or something whatever that means


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i need to engage too


what would be a site I can purchase them from besides the marketplace on here


same here. =)


I’ve been using lime services wiht ipv4 proxie without problem. What doy you know about Lime?
Im using it for 6 accounts know. I also create 2 new Instagram accounts I setup the settings very agresive for test i haven’t get banned


Also, why do you said that data center proxy for Spam. And dedicated for clients , it’s vecause the risk of get blocked. Can you explain me a little bit Wich are the difference and the benefits in the engage by using dedicate or mobile proxies


I have had similar experience,

I recommend @HenryCooper for mobile proxies. I have been testing several providers and so far his Raw Mobile have been my favorite.

I have also had success with SSL datacenter proxies and MPP proxies.


Can you please put the link for the proxy provider .


Can someone send me a link to a mobile proxy provider


DM @HenryCooper he is the provider.

Or I can send you the link if you send me a DM, I’m not sure about the rules on posting links in threads. Let me know if you have any other questions!


DM me and I can send you the link to the provider I use. (I use @HenryCooper Raw Mobile Proxies)


is there a tutorial on how to set up the raw 4g mobile proxies on jarvee?


Thanks its very helpful


Yess its realy helpfull


Thanks bro :heart:


I recommend exanto mobile proxy 5$ per proxy and very helpful support


Did you figure this out?


Awesome post. I’ve been on 4G proxies for about a month and not had any issues. Much easier than the DC ones.


Hey bro, can you recommend some DC proxies?