Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies


Hard question. Cuz, DC proxies i use - its IPV6 proxies for spam only. I use own proxies, so rent VPS and setup proxy server myself.


Hi, talking about mobile proxies, I was looking at Henry Cooper services.
There is a 4 dollars service for a proxy for each account.
And a 20 dollars service that is for a group of accounts the same proxy?
Do you guys recommend buying each account a different 4 dollars proxy or using each 20 dollar proxy for around 10 accounts each.
What is the safest and better to do as much follows as I can (in the limits) without getting block?

btw: these are clients account, real accounts.


1-1 for clients i think not worth the risk.


Thanks for u answer, so I should buy 40 proxies 1:1 better 4 modems raw-mobile to put 10 accs per modem?
I have seen that a lot of ppl is doing that, I dont understand why, but I will get more information about that 1:1 service!


@cc14g Sorry to bother, but can you tell how many accounts per henry raw mobile proxy are you running?


I have tested 5 per proxy, 10 per proxy, and 15 per proxy. All have worked well for me.

If you choose to run more than 5 I recommend staggering the actions between groupings of accounts.

For example:
Group 1 (5 accounts) run action from 8am-6pm.
Group 2 (5 accounts) run actions from 6pm-8am

The best advice I can give is test everything yourself and see what works for you. Type of account and phone number also play a role in success rate. I recommend Speedy Verify for your phone verification. Feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions! Best of Luck!


@jimiiz From exanto what proxies of theirs do you recommend for Motherslave


Mobile proxy for my clients
For MS - local proxy 2$ per proxy (from myprivateproxy.net)


Can you like on those proxies without problems too? :heart_eyes:


Yessss! Any problems with likes


Any problems are much appreciated :sweat_smile:


Generally like others say if you’re giving some kind of service to grow professional accounts go for Mobile Proxies, the guy is giving you ++50/100$ and you need to spend 3/4$ on good proxy I think this is a must just to stay safe.
Don’t go cheap on your best client’s.

If you’re doing some CPA Chum and burn accounts go for DC centers, IG already know you’re botting so go for cheap proxies while you learning some funnel’s and conversations rates, etc when you get everything and you’re doing some profit change to mobile to be under radar.
Then can’t ban 4G proxies because it’s used by most of IG normal users so is hard to detect


anyone use the datacenter proxy and run normally on follow without any block ?


A lot of users use DC for following but mostly on Spam accounts. You won’t get blocked if you don’t exceed the limits, but usually liking is impossible on DC


i use 4g mobile proxy too 3different supplier. but most of them still get Follow block for 30% and 25% like block. dont know why


if you have follow block for a long time you should go and read the whle mega thread about the follow blocking, you will find answer there


wow thanks! amazing post for those new to automation


what are the new limits now?


Which provider do you use?


Me too, mobile proxies works pretty well