Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies


Today I will be reviewing the main differences between datacenter proxies and mobile proxies, which ones are better to choose for managing and running your accounts, etc.


Datacenter proxies a long time ago were the most used proxy type for growing accounts, but Instagram has been shadow-banning most of data center proxy providers and their IP ranges. Nowadays, it’s not as easy to manage and grow Instagram accounts with data center proxies as it was a long time ago. Things changed. Instagram is more focused on getting rid of non-authentic accounts since a lot of fake and botted accounts are running on data center proxies. Nowadays, most of the people are using data center proxies to do spam, grow their network of accounts - but now it is much harder to grow authentic accounts (private accounts, clients’ accounts) with data center proxies due to like/follow blocks and email/phone verifications. Nowadays, I find more and more people who still want to earn a big market share of Instagram by running their accounts on data center proxies as while ago so they can earn as much as before, but they have to be more careful with bot actions. Data center proxies are good when you are already experienced with Instagram and running your own network of accounts and probably managed to find out some ways to get a good growth metrics and higher your bot actions. Most of the people are running their spam accounts and they know the consequences of running those accounts on data center proxies so they know that there is a chance that those accounts can be deactivated in the future by receiving multiple EV/PV verification requests along the way. Some experienced Instagram marketers managed to avoid those issues by adapting their knowledge and experience when managing accounts with data center proxies.


Mobile proxies are a quite new thing in Instagram as we started using them just a year-two ago since Instagram adapted changes and started blacklisting data center IP ranges from main proxy sellers. There are only a dozen of mobile proxy sellers as far as I have discovered. To create a mobile proxy server takes a lot of time, programming knowledge, dedication, patience and, of course, money. It’s not cheap to do this infrastructure and installations, so some people are starting creating their mini mobile proxy servers with Rasberry PI or other ways for their own needs. Mobile proxies are much better for managing Instagram accounts but it is more expensive than data center proxies. Mobile proxies are much safer to run your accounts on because mobile proxy IP ranges couldn’t be blacklisted by Instagram since real Instagram users are running on mobile IP’s all the time.

For starters in Instagram marketing and account management I would recommend to start off with mobile proxy just to test waters before heading to where big sharks are located :slight_smile: Firstly, you have to test if can manage to grow at least one account by learning as much as possible from this forum and implementing them into your growth tactic, and when you see the things go well, then you can try adapting the same techniques on data center proxies so see if your success could stay the same as when you were growing the account with mobile proxy.

Data center proxies are good and cheap solution for running spam, blackhat, promotion, mother-slave accounts.

Mobile proxies are good for managing client accounts, growing business/personal account, and creating a brand, but it is more expensive.

What is your experience with data center proxies and mobile proxies? :slight_smile:


Great guide again!

I have been using datacenter proxies for 4 months now and am struggling to grow new accounts. Definitely need to switch to some mobile proxies.
Datacenter still works well for F/U with aged and warmed up accounts.


What i saw so far:

  • Clients accs can run also on HQ datacenter proxies (not those at 0,30cent obv) i ve some clients on dc from more than year and never had problems pvs or ev nothing just “it was me” at login (with right settings) , this is because the accs have high trust, as ig see scrolling and other human actions performed from the app with a 4g IP and (no one talks - but it’s crucial) it has access to all the SIM parameters and maybe they have even the fb and whats app on the phone that share data between all the Zuck ecosystem. The reality is IG loves botting but botting behind real accs.

  • For the spam ones it’s really hard these days using datacenter proxies and it would be more and more. For the newbies it’s better to stay away from dc and use 4g. Then experienced can run accs even on IPV6 but with posting* or other actions performed through 4g IPs.

*Pay attention also to the exif data in the pictures such [hidden copyrights (staganography) - camera model - GPS - date]

Right now, the 4g IPs, are hands down the best.


This is not completly true. Try to use the 4g IPs of some Moscow areas and botting, machine learning will kick u off in no time, or try to analyze the endpoints u will see that they re all blacklisted for malwares,spam and so on, Lol.

Then again in some other big cities u can put a 30sec rotation and run even 100accs spamming DMs like crazy.


@pow transformed into a highly active blogger :smiley:
Great work mate! :muscle:

It makes sense when you view things from the perspective of Instagram. The only goal of Instagram is making money trough their ads. Botting a “real account” a person (influencer) tries to take advantage of every possibility to grow their page and get attention as there is more and more competition in the internet nowadays. So the chances are high that they will use also Ads as an oppurtunity to grow. An full automated account, managed by people like us, is the advertising strategy itself or with multiple accounts, part of the strategy (mother/slave, etc). So chances are very low to not existent that we will give Mr. Zuck some money trough the process of managing an account like that.


Datacenter and Residential both gave me nothing but problems since have been on 4g no banns, no PV’s ect. IG is much more reasonable and forgiving on good 4g.


The only thing I have used datacenter proxies for was testing, nothing else. I use both mobile and residential proxies in combination on my accounts, with great success. By the way mobile proxies are not new, I have been using my own for 5 years. Maybe sellers only appeared here on the forum around 1-2 years tho, I get it. And, as @Bartholomeo said, mobile proxy IP ranges can be blacklisted too, it’s harder to do, but it’s possible.


Finest thing I’ve heard today, very true.


Yes, as we are creating the best brand evangelist he can dream.

If IG kicks out the bots it closes the next day.

They are just looking for a way to limit mass spam without heavy hurting users.

Like when they started mass purging out followers and all the big celebrities lost millions of followers within a few hours and then?
The next day, they justified everything with a bug and everything came back as before.

Their first enemy are the smmspamshittypanels and on the platform they partially fight them, the real war is fighting the smmpanels by cutting them all the payment methods.


Hi, thanks bro, most of your post really helpful to me.
Do you know where i could get 4G proxies?
and lets say if i run one account on Jarvee with 4g proxy from Russia while my location is in Indonesia, and sometimes i opened the account through my mobile phone, will it be a trouble?

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How much does a mobile proxy cost?

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Not less than 50$ / month I know

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Im using Instagram Proxies from High Proxies. Is that the same thing as mobile proxies?

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No. Those are datacenter proxies


That would be wrong. For one account the average is $4. For whole proxies $50 is average.

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Very helpful guide as always :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking so much time to do these…

Can you recommend me some good service? I am looking for proxies for growing my business with bulk IG accouts.

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what would be your recommendation for the mobile proxies

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As for me data DC for spam, mobile for client management/growing.


what place has the best mobile proxies iyo

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Marketplace section :hugs:

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