Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies

Can I use Mobile proxy to run multiple Facebook accounts without blocking my accounts?. I am thinking as the IP rotates, FB may block my accounts because of the IP rotation. Please help me explain this, as I have never used mobile proxies before.

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Are you still using DC proxies and is it working well?

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I’m doing absolutely nothing, but if I were doing something I’d be using DC proxies.

Oh ok, why would you use DC? Are you waiting for the update or are you done with it?

Just read the post:joy:

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Anyone here is using Henry Cooper’s Quality Tier (DC proxy)? Is it any good?

Locations is not relevant to IG. they just care about quality. There is a tong of real accounts that share locations every day… people is moving and sometimes there is more than one adming of a ig account. So location doenst matter guys.

I have tried them and I haven’t had much success at all. Have you tried out mobile proxies yet?

This is real, but actually IG will block the account as soon the two users do actions in a different location at the same time. (or near in time as well)

Not on my experience

I already posted here the cases with facts. Check them out.

I admin manual accounts from europe, and I expend more than a year uploading content from asia, meanwhile owners of the account use the acc normally, doing actions, like, follow, DM, storie views. plus follow/unfollow with mobile proxy from uraknia. Thats are facts buddy. On my own experience just quality of conection works. :rocket:

Ok. Fantastic. Location has nothing to do with Proxies, if the proxy location is detected (of course it is) is when you have the problems.

I’m using ProxyGuys 4G Mobile proxies in combination with GramCreator. It works fabulous. http://gramcreator.com and http://proxyguys.com

Here is my log after I got it working.

You can pick any location they have and then connect to it, they give you the proxy IP:PORT stuff and you plug that into GramCreator. They have an API at Proxyguys as well that lets you do more stuff via curl or webbrowser URL’s. Also have a Chrome and Firefox extension.


Still working this way brother??

Seems to be. Haven’t had any issues. I also love that they moved Washington DC to Los Angeles. Much bigger IP pool. Been getting great results. I also got an account from ipteleport and have been using their IP’s as well. Not as good but working 50% or so.

GCre* still working? What’s the accounts quality made with GCre*?

Usage the Private Proxies or Premium Proxies of limeproxies.com?

Can you recommend a site of mobile procies that will cost me $4 or somewhere along those lines for a european countrry? I am only running one account.
i have been struggling to find something. Looking for the area of Greece or Cyprus. Thanks!

I will always be on Datacenter proxies, if you are running EB they are working pretty well. Specially geolocated