Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies


Guys, after mass follow block, what proxies do you personally use and recommend for clients management?


I use Henry Cooper for getting proxies. You can find him on this forum.


Check this thread for help using cheap proxies without problem, its quite a convoluted solution but it is cheap!


Thanks a lot I really appreciate it


Where can I read more about Exanto proxies?


Has anyone heard from the Henry Cooper proxy team lately? We have sent in two tickets over the last week on their portal to get mobile proxies ordered and still haven’t heard anything.


No response either. I guess they get a lot of requests with all people suggesting them


It looks like we received a response but it went to spam, you might check your spam folder.


5-15 per one raw mobile


I’m still using datacenter proxies and have had absolutely no trouble since adjusting to the recent updates. Currently seeing real, industry & location relevant follower growth of up to 80+ a day per client and zero action blocks.


That’s great. :smiley:


And if you don’t mind asking, how many followings per day. [Thinking you are keeping it under 200/day]
Because I’m trying to adjust my daily growth for clients.
Hardly I’m getting around 50+ day per client.

I’m trying to mimic what a real user would do.

Around 6-8 hours of actions, including Following, Liking, Liking comments and Story views.No unfollwing will be performed during these hours.
Giving priority for following. That’s 180-185 per day.
In between I’m liking and watching stories.
And I made sure to limit my actions [All together] under 60 actions/hour
Still no luck, in terms of getting new followers or engagement.

Thank you


How many clients do you have? More clients = More problems.


I’m personally managing just over 60 accounts for the business as I mainly work with our priority clients and company accounts; although we have people managing well over double that without any issues either.

Generally I agree with you, although if you can get it right for a handful then scaling up is more about pushing through the many technical difficulties that arise along the way, and of course increased communication. But I’m sure this is nothing new for you.


Currently keeping it under 200 follows / unfollows a day. I don’t find it necessary to exceed that amount to get good, consistent results. Quality over quantity!


But, most of the time some people love to see the Quantity, regardless of the Quality:D

Do you do any Comment Likes, Story views?

Some would say I’m wasting my resources by watching stories.


sad but true. :persevere:


I cannot avoid these temporary blocks. Constantly all through the day.
I use HC mobile proxies
Follow less then 175 per day.
Only do follow/unfollow.
Only use EB
I am wondering if my problem is that I am in the US and the proxies are in Thailand.
Are all of your DC proxies in the city where your clients are located?
Congrats on your success!


Thanks kindly. Country specific proxies are enough to avoid major trouble. The proxy should always be in the country of the client’s Instagram account. If they’re your own accounts, make them as close to your location as possible. Again, being country specific tends to suffice.


Yes, I think that is perhaps my problem.
HC proxies are in Thailand and all of my clients are in the US
I need to find a reasonably priced mobile proxy provider in the US