Which payment gateway for SMM?

Hi guys, what payment gateway for SMM?
No PayPal, no Stripe allow it.

Super nice question :wink:

Big SMM panels use stripe but they make some twist.

They connect stripe to other website that is allow to use for ex: hosting or VPS or anything that stripe will never ban you and they make fixed price 10,20,50$… when you choose any price on the panel and click pay they redirect direct to payment of that particular site (hosting,vps) .
Stripe see that they sell hosting and don’t ban the acc (don’t ban too fast, maybe they will got ban in 5-6months) but that is not a problem to change stripe every 5-6 months.

And other payment gateway you can check for enot.io i think is russian but they accept everything.

probably http://enot.io/ ?

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Yes typing mistake .

thanks for edit :slight_smile:

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I always use payeer on SMM websites that don’t accept Paypal and credit card. I only need to verify my credit card on Payeer once.

Yes payeer.com is very good but take some bigger fee % when you transfer from card .
But is easy to transfer money where you want .