Which payment provider for SMM business?

Hey I have a SMM business for many years.
I used to have PAYPAL BUSINESS account and mostly they get limited after 6-12months. I always have to make a new domain, new business info etc.
Over $10k is currently frozen.

I need more options. People now want to pay me every day but they simly can’t. Thats frustrating. I have nearly 0 chargebacks (max 1%), history on PayPal etc.
PayPal doesnt care. Its simply against their TOS and if they find you they limit your account.

Any CARD PROVIDERS that 100% works?

  1. Stripe doesnt accept SMM
  2. 2Checkout checked my site and didnt accept
  3. Molly
  4. Authorize.net
  5. Square

All of them denid my business model.
I tried PAYMENTCLOUD (provider for high risk businesses), they first approved but then they said they need a USA registration (I am not from the USA)

Any advice?
Which provider 100% works?


Who said Stripe doesn’t accept SMMs? I’ve been using Stripe to invoice clients of my agency for over a year and had 0 issues.

Stripe doesnt accept SMM services like selling likes/followers/views.
Its even written down in their TOS.

After giving them my domain and they checked it. They denied me because the dont support such a business model.

What kind of SMM you are offering?
Invoicing them manually?

Oh you mean you own an SMM panel and are looking for a payment gateway?

I dont own a smm panel.
Its like a normal e-commerce shop where everyone can purchase followers/views etc without having an account. I am a reseller of SMM panel services.


Right. I don’t own an SMMA that sells artificial engagement so unfortunately I can’t help you there.

dM me I have some methods for SMM payment method. Wont be free though but so far it work for me.

Hi bro, I do not want to be taken in the wrong way but buying likes does not seems to be like a SMM business. Social Media Marketing has the word Marketing in it. So the problem is not that Stripe does not supports Social Media Marketing agencies, they do not support selling Likes businesses because very often these kind of activities are close to fake.

Not saying that your is, but let’s just reframe the business you are in and starting from that, you can maybe change your offer in order to be compliant with the terms and conditions of Stripe atc.

Again sorry i do not want to sound clicky but I’d like to point you in a different point of view.
Cheers budy

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I have same problem like you. Did you find any solution. Please reply. I am very frustrated.

may I know what method do you know?

Maybe payoneer?

I use a card processor from Europe that accepted my business (selling followers etc)
Sometimes I use private PayPal accoutns too

I still look for different ways
→ Stripe does not accept selling followers business. But I have seen competition sites that use masking site in between. I have another white hat business but not linked to Stripe. Could I apply for Stripe and then find a coder who does this:

→ connects my Woocommerce Social Media bBusiness checkout → My White hat website → stripe

→ Also I am always open to partner up with people who has Paypal accounts and share 10% of my income. But for manual payments, since my website is probably blacklisted on PayPal since I have already had a business accounts linked to my website .

Payoneer might work but I dont see any competitors with payoneer, I guess its not so good then.
It definitely does not replace a normal credit card processor.

Crypto (Bitcin) I offer but almost nobody uses it. I offer extra discount in checkout if using crypto but I get like $50-$100 per month if at all from it.

Did you find any method/ coder?

HELLO I am in the same situation as you. Did you find a method?

Pm me I might be able to help