Which proxies you recommend for FB/Pinterest/YT

Hello, which proxies do you recommend for FB/YT/Pinterest

Nothing aggresive, just curious if enough are Ipv4/Ipv6 od should I get resdintial od 4G.

Thanks in advance

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You can check the public marketplace, you may find some options there. :slight_smile: You can also check with @HenryCooper if he provides proxies for these social networks as well.

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You might confuse something here. Mobile and Residentials can also come in IPv4 and if you are unlucky also as IPv6.

I assume you are talking about datacenter IP ranges. If yes, give those a try before you switch over to the more expensive solutions.

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YT you can use any data center proxies

Private proxies (datacenter) work good for YT, FB, Pinterest, you shouldn’t have problems, just make sure accounts are good (aged, fully profiled).
For Youtube, even cheap Instant proxies work fine, but I would always go for @HenryCooper’s datacenter proxies if possible.


Do datacenter’s views, like and other engagements metrics do not drop for YT ?

No. If you want to increase views, likes, comments, create many Youtube accounts, and assign a different proxy for each account. If you watch the same video over and over again with the same proxy, Youtube will not count the views.

1YT account:1proxy is what you recommend?

A 1:1 ratio is always the ‘best approach’ to make sure things work.

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