Which smm panel do you use?

guys did I want to know some of you know a great SMM panel for instagram followers?

The SMM panels I used have pretty much all paused their IG services or are not delivering anywhere near what they used to do.

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do you know how to increase them without automation(BOT) ?

None. 13 chars.

I’ve started a new Sales Thread for my own fully functional SMM Panel - feel free to let me know what you think:

Personally I use PacySMM
Never had issues with followers

Now i sow I replied 2 years later :joy:

I checked that, i suppose you pay users to follow account otherwise why prices would be so high, max I pay for 1000 followers is 1$
Usually only 0.30$ for 1000

Theres cheaper out there. Not a lot of USA based likes, comments etc on that site.

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