Which Social Media Platform is the Strictest, and vice versa?

Guys I have been thinking, which social site has the most stringent rules of engagement/codes of conduct? Vs the one with the least rules.

From my opinion this seems to be Facebook, even though they have over a billion users, it amazes :frowning: me how to are able to be on top of everything like an eagle , you send a friend request to your wife and they might just ban you, plus their annoying “this profile was created 1 month ago, and is part of 2230 groups” they keep displaying to group admins :rage:

When I worked with fb groups method, had a lot of my accounts banned real fast, (still perfecting my strategy though)

For the least strictest, I suspect Instagram and twitter,

working with instagram flawlessly, and their engagement is even far more than fb and all others :sunglasses:

Tell me what you think from your experience


Yes, I’d also say that Facebook is the strictest, I guess everyone wanted to spam them as they were the biggest so they put a lot of work into preventing that. It’s still doable, not spam but good quality marketing but you really have to take care and know what you’re doing.

Instagram is moderate, they can ban accounts very fast and it’s game over, but that mostly happens with new accounts, if you’re over a certain limit of followers they start being a lot more permissive with what you can do, so if you manage to grow them to that point you’re good

Pinterest is moderate as well, you can still bring a lot of traffic from posting to pinterest and having some seed accounts help out with the repins.

Most permissive I’d have to say are Twitter and G+ though, you can get away with a lot of them and still be ok, still bans happen but it’s a lot harder to get there.


Yea you are right about the mass spamming on fb, the rest you pointed out some very insightful points, I really learnt a lot @Johnny thanks😊

I would say Facebook > Instagram > Google+ > Twitter > Pinterest base on my experience. I guess some of us are finding different platforms harder to manage but we can all agree that facebook is the strictest :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pinterest is harder than g+ and Twitter. Experienced it couple of times.


I see, I’m mostly using the follow and unfollow tool with conservative setting on pinterest though, that might be the reason why I haven’t experience any issues with it yet. Also worth mentioning is that I’m only using one pinterest account. :joy:

Lol…but even with the follow and unfollow mtd, still no bans, @euhero that’s really cool,means that it could be scaled unlimitedly :sunglasses:

Curious how many seed accounts you are using for repinning

you should start with 15-20 for a decent boost, after that if everything goes fine you can increase it over time to 40-50 and even more. That will help a lot.

How do you go about setting up your email addresses for the seed accounts? gmail +1 etc?

not sure what you mean by this.

FB then Tumblr. Tumblr bans you for no reason. The other platforms aren’t even strict, but twitter is dumb.