Who can restore a disabled instagram account!


Is there anyone able to help me recover my Instagram business account and im ready to pay him for his work because the account is very important to me.

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@HenryCooper please if you can help i will be grateful and welling to pay you for your service.


Did you PM anyone else about this? Normally when people PM for unbans they message 10 people at the same time.

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No i didnt, I only pm you. @HenryCooper

How much followers?

@HenryCooper 14.1K but its the official account of my company.

why did it get banned?

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They said that the account posted some posts that include another brand trademark and they reported that.

The confusing thing that we are a retailer company and we sell alot of companies products and we had never get any issue !!

They send me an emails that they deleted the posts that include their trademark and the last email was saying the following :-


We’ve removed or disabled access to something you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that it infringes their intellectual property rights.

We strongly encourage you to review other content you’ve posted to Instagram to make sure that it isn’t in violation of our Terms of Use. Accounts that repeatedly infringe our Terms may be deactivated.

If you have any further questions, please visit the Intellectual Property section of our Help Center:



The Instagram Team

And after within the same second the disabled the account !!


Can you help bro its really worthy @HenryCooper

did you try unbanning it?

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I did my best and this is why im offering a job for it. @HenryCooper

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@HenryCooper is there a forum that explains your unban process (how long it takes, what info is needed, etc)? I may be interested in this service as well! Cheers

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@Q8Falcon , @Socialmediaj

The information is all in this forum but you need to get level2 to access it


@Q8Falcon Why would you just assume that @HenryCooper is the person to go to?

I could also use this service :slight_smile:

What can I do to help my account reach level 2?

Hi Q8Falcon,

I’ve recovered 10 of my business instagram accounts from being banned before, but the difference I think between why they have banned you is the explanation of posting another brands pics, mine was because I had used the same caption too many times.

When you’re on your device, and this banned message shows do they give you an option something like “if you think we’ve made a mistake click here”?

If they do, you need your official company documents ready on your device to upload to the form you will be redirected to.

Once you’ve completed the form and uploaded your documents you will receive an email from IG asking for the same documents to be submitted.

I had to repeat this process over and over again and for my last 3 of the 10 accounts it took 2.5 weeks to get them to lift the ban.

I hope this helps.



More information about how I lifted the ban on 10 of my business IG accounts…

I had to use my devices, so it was either my phone, ipad, ipad pro etc for each account as I have 5 per device.

If you want to use the same device for more than 5 accounts, you have to reset the device you are using and install Instagram and try and access your IG account they deactivated.

I have different email accounts for each IG account and have different phone numbers associated with each account too.

When I tried to access each account it prompted me with a message about violating rules etc…

As I explained in my post on MP Social above, when it did this it gave me the option saying something like this…

If this is a business account and you think we’ve made a mistake to click the link, which I did.

The link took me to a form, which I had to fill out my IG info and email address associated with that account and my business name and number.

In addition it asks you to upload supporting documents to verify this is a business account.

Following completing the form and uploading my official company documents, then I received an email to the email address associated with that account requesting the same forms to be submitted.

I had to repeat this for 10 accounts, and send 10 different emails.

A few of my accounts were reactivated and some weren’t, so I repeated the process from the device, to the form to the email reply to instagram.

If I didn’t have more than 1 account I wouldn’t have been as persistent with the other accounts.

But because I knew they reactivated some then it was only a matter of time I would get the others back.

For the last few accounts, I had to repeat the process more than 5 times.

Finally, and I think it’s a lot to do with the IG worker on the other end who receives your emails I had all 10 reactivated, but the last 3 took me 2.5 weeks, repeating the same process over and over again, whereas the first 5 only took a few days to recover.

Surprisingly my main account which is linked to my FB business account was one of the last 3 that got reactivated.

I have to mention again, the reason my accounts were banned was because I used the same caption too many times.

All images on my 10 accounts at the time were my own, I am an illustrator so I produce my own work and pics. It’s not until the last month I’ve started to repost other people’s images with credit to my main account.

All accounts were identical in terms of posts but normally I would only use the same caption a few times. In the case I got blocked I had split 1 illustration up into 9 panels, and used the same caption 9 times across 10 accounts. Naturally I was unaware at the time you couldn’t do this.

I was so devastated when I got deactivated I know how it feels so I hope this helps.



In addition to my post above…

This is an example of the email Instagram will send you following you completing the form from your device and uploading official company documents;


We won’t be able to help you until we receive proof that you’re the owner of this account. Without verification that you’re the owner, we can’t be sure that we’re helping the right person.

Please reply to this email with an attached digital copy of any of the following documents that match the information on the account:

-Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
-Tax filing
-Certificate of Formation
-Articles of Incorporation
-Utility bill

Once we receive one of the documents listed above, we’ll review the status of your account.



i can help, will give a try! :slight_smile:

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