Who needs a TikTok Bot: yes/no?


Hey Guys, we are probably launching a fully working follow/unfollow TikTok Bot. Since the IG game gets harder and harder, we are thinking about shifting to new networks :slight_smile:


Interesting, when are u planning to relese bot?


Beginning of October!


highly interested - we are an agency with over 2k Insta Customers so we are also able to scale on tik tok fast


highly interested in this!


Great, cant wait


Highly Interested


Great will update you asap guys!


hi there. interested. please keep us updated on that


I am also interested, please keep us updated.


im also interested


im interested but the problem Tiktok still not allwing to click on the links on BIO or even the messages so almost worthless still for us


yes only friends can send messages on tiktok


Create Discord Automation bot instead

closed #15


I have to close this for multiple reasons:

  1. The devs are looking into TikTok for Jarvee

  2. If OP wants to sell said bot, it needs to be done via the proper channels in the Marketplace. Plase PM @Adnan

Outside of that, best of luck, it sounds interesting!