Who's a Digital Nomad? 🌏


Been traveling with my wife for years now, back and forth between the states and Europe. We’ll probably stay here in Europe for the time being, though :slight_smile:


For the time being I cannot help with that, sorry. Maybe in 1-2 months I can provide more detailed information :bouquet:


Hi, full nomad here aswell :smile:
Currently on the Island Koh Lipeh in Thailand (big community here at kohub ), before I was 5 months in Bali (Outpost, Hubud, Tropical Nomad) and Canary Islands - 4 months

July I have to go back to Switzerland for my brothers wedding, September probably 2 months Portugal and then Medellin or Ciang Mai in November


Traveling the US in a converted van.


I found your ig before seeing you on here and man I’ve really thought about the van life haha not sure my girl would be for it but it seems cool! If you make it to Az holler!


What’s your favorite so far?

I worked out of Outpost in Canggu last August / September / October and loved it.

I’m curious coworking communities you’ve found that do a good job at connecting everyone with everyone there?


What part of Europe are you in?


Bali is amazing! I prefer Ubud to Canggu though but both are great!


You could also check out Portugal. Expats don’t pay taxes in the first ten years of residence :sunny:


I will be visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand two months later. Hard that it has good Internet facilities and everything else.


I am in Chiang Mai until July 15th. Send DM if you want to grab a beer and talk about the Insta-game


You need to make more money so you won’t care about the β€œbloody” taxes. And once you are becoming old… you wanna do crazy shit like planting a tree, having a farm with animals and kids to care for :slight_smile:


Nice man. I’m thinking of heading to Bangkok first week of July. I’ve never been to Chang Mai. A lot of folks in Bali speak highly of it. What’s your monthly living expenses like there?


Chiang Mai is the best I’ve ever been as a digtial nomad. 30 Coworking spaces, cheap fantastic thaifood, happy people around you all day.
I spend 1200$ per month, including appartment in the city center with pool and gym. Eating out every day and motorbike rent. brummbrumm

http://greenhillplace.com - Green hill appartments (minimum 1 month rental)
http://www.bikkychiangmai.com - motorbike rental (100$ per month)

I suggest you fly directly to chiang mai, I’ll show you around town


Great and you don’t live too far from your family? :innocent:


Wow ^^ Thanks for the tips ! :hushed:


Hi, question to all.
How do you keep your data safe in case of our laptop get stolen?
App used or everything on the cloud or any backup strategy?


I want to be a digital nomad, but doing work on multiple monitors is so much more convenient.


Encryption is key for such scenarios.


Been Thailand a few times myself loved it. I bet its a massive culture change living their though take a bit of getting used to?

Reading all of these posts really give me the travel bug again!

I’m thinking of going Bali at the end of the year any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile: