Who's a Digital Nomad? 🌏


I strive to be I will be one day (hopefully soon)


Anyone going to be in Barcelona from July - September?

If so, let me know! I’d love get drinks with you.


Still lurking around Bangkok?


Bali is everything… Party, fun.
Villas are very affordable too and you can find great ones for long term.


Plan on checking out Bali at the end of his year. Heard alot of good things this will be a holiday rather than a travel move!


It will be fun.
I would recommend Boracay or other part of the Philippines, but the internet is bad.
Jakarta is like Manila, nothing much.
Bangkok is love if you are looking for something fun every night. Traffic in Bangkok is not fun though.
Singapore is the place to be if you want a safe place. But it’s expensive here.
If I were to choose, I would go to Amsterdam longer.


Have a RSD Coaching in January in Bangkok im very excited

hope that I dont meet women with a surprise in their pants :smiley:

Never been in Bali but everyone has good experiences what I heard


Haha! Be careful.

I’ve been Thailand twice you’ll love it mate. You going around the islands too or just Bangkok?


My plan is a 3 week holiday at the end of the year. Bali + another location maybe halfway stop or something.

The Philippines does look appealing for sure.


just Bangkok bro, going to tell you how it was after beeing there! :slight_smile:


The Philippines has better islands and parties too, but if you need to work at the same time, and rely on the internet to function, it’s not the place to be. This is why i can’t go home and stuck in Singapore for 8 years now.
If you go to Bali, stay at Seminyak and get a villa. It is always a better experience than a hotel.


haha nice to see you here, saw good things from you on bhw
but it ins’t a place to stay, mrf is a faggot
currently im traveling between germany - hannover, teneriffa -st. cruz, st. petersburg, moscow & yalta on crimea (crimea is russian btw dont believe the media)


Been traveling around for the past 6 years or so (not all digital nomading but still), at the moment in Medellin Colombia and loving it here.

I’ve noticed that my schedule always ends up being 3 months of travel and 3 months staying in one spot, no matter where in the world. After a bit you need stability, after a bit more excitement and new places.

The only thing hard with this lifestyle is not having a stable social circle.


Root disk encryption + encrypted remote backup.

What OS are your running?


I have 3K in my savings, really want to travel but haven’t jumped the gun yet. I am also 22 years old still living with my parents so rent is very cheap for me. Just thinking if i should just keep saving or travel and work from somewhere else for a month.


Any nomads that are Australian citizens here? Wtf do you do about tax?


Based in Turkey for the next few months :slight_smile:


I am Turkish and will be living in turkey for a few years 9 months from now :smiley:

(I have only been there once , for 1 month, about a year ago)

Where are you staying / are you liking it?


Me. Sold my condo and quit my job to travel full time. Homeless so don’t have a home base. Live in mostly hotels or my parents/sister’s/friends’ when I have downtime. Check out my travel instagram. https://www.instagram.com/gonewiththetailwind/


BA was probably the best city I have been to in the last 9 months of travel. I totally want to move there but I need to learn Spanish first. lol