Who's a Digital Nomad? 🌏


You are going with good company, i will have to follow you :laughing:


My posts definitely get better engagement when Paola is in it and she is a lot of fun to travel with so I try to bring her with as much as I can.


I would do the same :drooling_face:


UPDATE: I’m headed back to Buenos Aires for the next 4 months starting on Monday. If you’re reading this from July 15 - November 15, HMU!


What’s the girls situation like in thailand for American guys?


I am not a nomad yet, but this is my goal after finishing high school. Thats why I put effort into businesses at this age.


In other news, if you want to make your money go further in this tough time, come to Argentina. The peso fell by nearly 30% overnight Sunday.

It’s a good time before inflation catches up.