Why buying social media accounts is a bad idea?

Any suggestions? I was considering to apply this tactic, but was told that it is not such a good idea.

Have they detailed why it’s not a good idea?

Most of our clients buy social media accounts, and one thing you need to remember whether you buy or create the accounts is to keep them as human as possible. Start with a low number of actions, then make each action look like it’s a real human whose operating on those accounts.

Nope, no details. But thanks for your answer!

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You never know what happened to the account before and if it was “abused” by other ppl. Also you should always change the password to keep the accounts safe.

If you are buying blank, just created accounts, then there is no reason not to buy them but if you are buying old accounts that have already been used, then you don’t know if they’ve been used for spamming or something similar.