Why do I get Shadow ban when I only use engagement groups and how to increase reach/engagement

Hi everyone,

I have an account with a travel niche that is supposed to be supporting a travel platform that my friend created earlier this year.
Currently there is around 10.1k followers on it, and since I took over the management of the account, it is growing, but slower than expected.

I´ve been following all the hashtag guidelines, combined with the best times to post, etc., however, my reach doesn´t get much bigger with every post.

Another thing that worries me a lot is the shadow ban/ghost ban. I try to let the post get attention through hashtags over the first hour or two, but afterwards, i post it in engagement groups either through DM´s on instagram or some that I joined on telegram. Shortly after receiving the first likes through the people in these groups, the post gets shadow-banned (there is a website that checks it within seconds)
The people from the engagement groups are real instagram users, with real followers, etc. no bots…

Do you know what the problem could be and how to eventually solve + grow quicker?

Thanks in advance!

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What happens if you don’t use the post in engagement group? Does it get banned then?

How many followers are you getting a day?

It doesn´t ban them if I don´t use engagement groups, however I haven´t tried it over a longer period of time (I would engage after about 2 hours after posting)… Still find it weird though, because the engagement groups do normal rounds, and 70% of the pages that engage even have the same niche as the page that I´m managing.

Follower growth isn´t crazy, depending on my activity, it is around 10-30 a day, however there are people unfollowing every now and then, so I don´t think there is any chance that the shadow ban is coming from there…

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What website is this?

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It may sound hard but I would suggest then to not use that engagement group. Maybe find an another one or just simply don’t use any.


Thanks for the suggestion… I know that is an option, but unless I find an optimal way how to boost engagement through hashtags, or something else, I need some sort of a push… eventhough the account is on 10,1k, it´s been poorly managed until I started working with it so I have a shitton of work to do…

If you have any suggestions on how to increase the reach of my posts, I´m listening )

Maybe the IG’s algorithm had discover that you use uncoventional metod to get like and visibility. There is a good thread about telegram/DM group, i hope it can help you!

In this thread they say;

“Instagram’s algorithm focuses on how many likes/comments you give and how many you get back. So giving a bunch of likes/comments and getting a few back is BAD for you.”

And this should be the reason that engagement groups are bad ? It should be the reason for a shadow ban of your post ?

I think in the above case IG probably discovered the use of an engagement group. I think it is very unnatural if there is a group of 100 accounts, and they all like each others posts, and all get likes back from the same accounts. And repeat that every week at the same day at the same time.

I once joined a group and started a discussion about this. I suggested that we should use an account to receive likes, and use another account to give likes. And also change the accounts we use to give likes every week.

But most of them didn’t understand. And the one who did said it would be too much work to check if everytbody did their job. I left.


That site is well know for being 100% inaccurate.


How accurate is that site? It shows me as shadowbanned, but I double checked the hashtags on a VPN and I showed up as the top post so something isn’t adding up

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Yes i think it’s 100% inaccurate, i have tested account with shadowban(disappered from hastag, not showing in recent post) and the site show my account is okay.

Totally agree with you! Maybe the right sentence should be:

“Instagram’s algorithm focuses on how many likes/comments you give and how many you get back. So giving a bunch of likes/comments and getting a few back is BAD for you if u do it every day, at same hour with the same account because the algorithm pay attention to your action”


Thanks for confirming my theory. I alternate between several groups in order to avoid getting comments from the same people every day.

Would posting 3-4 times a week at different times help against shadowban?
Do you see a link between the number of hashtags used in a post and shadowban?

U need to appear more human possible to IG so everything that isn’t automated is good. And no there shouldn’t be any link between hashtag and their number

Thank you! :slight_smile:

To be quite honest, I didnt know what was shadow banning me, until I stopped posting a set of tags in the caption AND comments. It seems like IG has caught onto to that, and deems it spammy. Also be sure that you arent using any broken hashtags, or else IG will deem your account in the spam category as well. I have a theory to that if you are constantly getting engagement from accounts that meet the criteria I just said, that could have an effect as well. Just a theory though.

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oh dam my post has been banned as well :open_mouth:
i also used engagement group got over 700 likes in like 2 hours
but i checked on my friends phone and its still there (on my profile)
what does it mean? my post did not appear on any of the hash tags pages?