Why do so many start with trust level "regular"? 🤔


I’m not jealous, but I just have to ask out of interest: Why are so many people with little activity in the forum trust level “regular”? Was there a giveaway I missed? :joy:


They’ve probably been here since before the dinosaurs roamed MPSocial.


LVL 3 is by invitation only.
check this thread .


Just a guess. When they made the forum private, regular user status was given to all active users.


The “regular” level was the “member” level back then. So the members that have been for a long time and were active have it.


Thank you for all the answers guys!

That’s it! :smile::+1:

I know, I have already read this thread. :slight_smile:

Yeah I assumed something like that for the old members. But there are some pretty new members too which have regular level. I also went on batches once and so a lot of accounts getting this batch but few of them had not one post at all. :thinking:


I guess some people know some people.
The level system is there to protect everyone too. The moderators don’t know me personally as I don’t know them.


They are all right, but @ian is more right. Back before FB screwed everyone, you had to work to get to level 3. Many of the level 3 became “Leaders”, everyone who was a member either moved up or became Level 3 by association. Level 1’s became level 2.

Level 2 is hard to get to, however it’s entirely possible and I get messages from people who think I had something to do with it. And I hate to tell everyone,I have exactly zero to do with it aside from liking whatever you post.


The good old days! :partying_face:


I have just read this thread